I hope your 2018 was filled with many unexpected blessings and many great reads. Here is a review of what 2018 looked like on The Write Call.


Book Reviews

PlotsandPans    SongoftheShepherdWoman  ea2614ca-31d2-4d94-a501-178ac57f6626-10940-00000ac69c6f18f6  SevenBridesForSevenTexasRangers  Innkeper's Daughter  Under Prairie Skies   PirateBride  FirstLoveForever TheAccidentalGuardian CapturedBride Engraved on the Heart   TheBeautifulPretender All for Love Novella Collection  f50bbda9-cc50-44be-8a70-8537a23d5e50-692-000000f65a13c335-1  The Tory's DaugherA Dangerous Legacy UnlikelyWife ALoveRestored_prc5391_750 Book1


Author Interviews



Author Interview: Cynthia Roemer

Under Prairie Skies: Interview with Cynthia Roemer




Author Interview: Carlene Havel






Author Interview: Jennifer Uhlarik





Author Interview: Tara Johnson


Author Bio Pic1_small

Interview with Kelly Goshorn






Author Interview: Gina Holder


Writer’s Corner Posts

What to Write Next?

Writer’s Fodder: The Flooded Ohio River

Newsletter Subscribers and the GDPR

Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat 2019

Am I Done Yet? – Guest Post by Erica Vetsch

You’re Invited to Join the Journey

10 Favorite Writing Memes


Inspirational Posts

Meek but NOT Weak

Want to Help an Author?

When Life Interrupts

God’s Still, Small Voice

Merry Christmas!


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