Do you have a book you want to recommend others to read? Would you be willing to write a review?


Life as a writer sometimes means I’m lucky to read one fiction book a month, and when I strive to post two or more book reviews a month, that can be really difficult. After missing my Reading Challenge deadline for April 2021, the Reading Challenge Facebook Group came to my rescue and one of the members wrote a review for me. This led to a discussion that they’d love to have opportunities to share book reviews on my page. I thought that was a marvelous idea and such a big help to me. I know they aren’t the only ones out there, so I wanted to put this opportunity out there for anyone.


Share You Book Recommendations

When I was an elementary school teacher, I had my students fill out bookmarks for books they recommended to other readers. They’d post them to the bookshelf wall and could grab a bookmark whenever they needed to find something to read. I’d love to do something similar here. Here’s how I envision it working:

  1. You submit a form with your book review that meets the requirements you find below. That does not mean it will be used.
  2. The information will get set to my email/database. When I have need of a review, I’ll pick one, email you that I will be using your review, edit it, and then give you credit when the post goes live.
  3. You don’t have to have a website, you don’t have to be on social media, and you don’t have to be an influencer of any sort. This is just about book lovers sharing books with other book lovers.
  4. You are not committing to a schedule of posting. If you want to submit only one book review in your whole life, that is perfectly fine. This is just a completely optional thing.


Book Review Requirements:

  1. The book MUST be Christian Historical Fiction or Romance.
  2. It can be traditionally or independently published, but it MUST be of good quality. I will vet stories or authors I am unfamiliar with just to be sure.
  3. The star rating MUST be at least three or above. See the star rating criteria below to help you decide where a book falls.
  4. It can be the same post you put on GoodReads, but I will have a couple of extra questions so that my format stays the same no matter who reviews a book.
  5. You must have actually read the book from beginning to end. Everyone appreciates honest reviews.


Star Rating Meanings

*Star ratings may come in .5 increments. (3.5, 4.5)

3 Stars – I enjoyed reading the book. It wasn’t my favorite, but I think other people might enjoy it. If I had to classify it, it was probably a little below average, but not much. I wasn’t surprised by the plot, and the characters may have fallen a little flat for me. However, the story was still enjoyable and I was able to read it from start to finish.

4 Stars – I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to my friends with similar tastes. If I had to classify this book, it was an average read for me. I enjoyed the characters and plot, but some areas just didn’t strike a chord with me. I might reread the book.

5 Stars – I loved the book, and will likely reread it. I would recommend it to friends with similar tastes and encourage others to give it a try who might not have ever heard of this author or book. I found the characters and plot engaging and surprising. It was the perfect read for me and I’d definitely recommend others give it a try.


Submit Your Book Review

Thank you so much for sharing your book review with me. I always want to make sure you know how much I appreciate you sharing those with me. If I chose your book review, I’ll be sure to send a snail-mail thank you card if you are willing to share your mailing address. If not, I’m okay with sending an e-card. 😉 Also, if you have a website, social media, or a GoodReads profile you want shared, it will be added to the credit line on the blog post. Thank you again for helping me to share the love of reading with others.

Please follow the link to this Google Form in order to complete your review.

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