Bearing Precious Seeds – A Bible Printing ministry

Have you ever had God know the desires of your heart and give them to you in unexpected ways? My discovery of the Bearing Precious Seed ministry was totally one of those. It has long been the desire of my heart to have any book I publish support a ministry that somehow relates to the story. Throughout the entire process of writing Counterfeit Love, God’s hand was in all the details, but no ministry stuck out to me as being “the one” for this book to support. 

Then the day after I turned in my first round of developmental edits, I joined my church small group for a local service project. That project was assembling Bibles at the Bearing Precious Seed printing facility. Y’all, my author heart geeked out. Here I had just finished a story where a printshop was at the core of the story, and now I was in a full-fledged printing facility with all the equipment and more needed for printing, assembling, and storing New Testaments, Bibles, and John/Romans booklets. I cannot express how my heart was humbled and excited to get a tour of the facility and to participate in putting God’s word together for missionaries to use in the field.

I knew that this was the ministry God called Counterfeit Love to support. I’m crying even now just thinking how beautiful God’s hand is in figuring out all the details of everything about this book. I’d love for you to learn more about the ministry below. Visit their website, learn more about their ministry, see if your church could get involved, or make a personal donation. 

*Click the logo above to visit their website.

“Bearing Precious Seed (BPS) is a missionary support printing ministry of First Baptist Church in Milford, OH dedicated to providing God’s word free of charge to missionaries and national pastors all over the world.  Since 1973, BPS has printed and given away nearly 200 million copies of Scripture in more than 60 languages to be distributed within over 130 countries.

BPS is not a business, but a non-profit Bible-printing ministry of the church, supported both financially and physically by like-minded Christians.  BPS is fueled by the belief that the Great Commission which was given to the church to preach the Gospel and teach all nations is still relevant today. Over 95 percent of our printing capacity is devoted to serving those ministry efforts abroad and for people who in most cases would otherwise never have a copy of God’s Word. The other 5 percent supports additional outreach ministries and provides an opportunity (on a limited scale) to purchase Bibles for those in this country wishing to have God’s Word printed and labored over by the local church.

We are not a bookstore and we do not compete with commercial manufacturers for sales of a product. The printing done here is by those who have a heart for the local church printing ministry. The labor to assemble all Scripture is done by volunteers in churches all over the United States through our Seedline ministry as well as volunteers from our own church, Christian families, homeschool groups, Christian school groups, church groups etc.  These dedicated individuals travel here with a desire to help. Hands-on participation by God’s people is an integral part of this ministry and the joy of seeing families, including children of all ages involved in Scripture assembly is beyond measure.” – From their website

Their greatest need is paper, especially now that they have acquired a newer press that has six printing units. Over the last 14 years, they have used 7,871,250 pounds of paper for Bibles and New Testaments. The cost of paper has increased, but they work very hard to keep the cost of printing these Scriptures and Scripture portions as low as possible. 


If you’d like to sponsor one minute of paper on the press, you can donate $37.50, here. They will send you a beautiful metal token as a thank you. If you would like to support them with a different amount, click here and scroll toward the bottom.

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