Counterfeit Faith

Counterfeit Faith

She’s losing her faith in mankind. He’s lost his faith in God. Can working together restore them both?

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As matron of Final Chance House of Refuge, Gwendolyn Ellison has dedicated her life to serving the children deemed delinquents by society. She'll protect them with everything she has. So when she suspects someone is using Final Chance for criminal deeds, she's determined to investigate and put a stop to it. But villains don't like to be crossed--and they're willing to kill to get their way.

Gwendolyn knows she can't quit fighting. More than her own life is on the line if counterfeiters go free. She must find someone she can trust to help her expose the criminals and protect the children under her care.

Charming and chivalrous Secret Service operative Josiah Isaacs has never been able to turn his back on a woman in trouble--and capturing counterfeiters is his job, after all. The danger he's truly worried about is his growing attraction to Gwendolyn when his heart wants to remain faithful to his deceased wife.

As both peril and interest grow, he begins to consider whether a second love may be possible--if they can live through this case. At the same time, he's put off by her faith in a God he no longer trusts. How can a future together even be possible when their beliefs are at odds?

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About the Book
Series: Hidden Hearts of the Gilded Age, Book 3
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Publication Year: 2023
ASIN: 0825447429
ISBN: 9780825447426
List Price: 16.99
eBook Price: 9.99
“Counterfeit Faith weaves fascinating historical details such as the green goods game and houses of refuge for children with questions of faith, family, intrigue, and suspense. A thoroughly entertaining read.”
“This series has been perfection from book one, and it just keeps getting better! Caudill creates characters that are easy to love, and Josiah and Gwendolyn are among my favorites. The unique history (Gilded Age! Counterfeiters! Houses of refuge! The Secret Service!), the toe-curling romance, the witty and heartfelt dialogue, the edgeof-your-seat suspense, and the organic faith threads beckon readers to become immersed in this compelling story. If you have ever struggled to trust God, if you’ve ever echoed the gospel prayer of ‘Help my unbelief,’ then you will find your heart at home on these pages—at home, but not unchanged. Another fabulously entertaining and grace-filled offering from Crystal Caudill!”
“In Counterfeit Faith, Crystal Caudill expertly weaves a story about counterfeiting, the Secret Service, and nineteenth-century children’s homes while layering a romance between the pages that unfolds alongside the mystery. With a host of sympathetic and likable characters (and a few not so likable), a riveting plot that clips along at the perfect pace, and a relatable faith thread, this book will appeal to fans of Erica Vetsch and Michelle Griep. A completely enjoyable read.”
“Counterfeit Faith is a perfect blend of mystery, history, and romance. Caudill once again weaves a masterful tale in Josiah and Gwendolyn’s story as they learn God is the creator of second chances, and He breathes new life into those willing to surrender their plans for His. An intriguing story I could not put down!”
“With clear and compelling prose, Crystal Caudill’s Counterfeit Faith is full of mystery, suspense, and romance. As one clue leads to another, the reader is taken on a thrilling chase through Gilded-Age Philadelphia looking for answers until the satisfying end. A beautiful story of faith, redemption, and hope.”
“Counterfeit Faith is a story that raises the question: How do you handle life’s adversities? The faith is evident through every page, and I found myself encouraged throughout the story. Not to mention the suspense woven between the pages that kept me reading until I hit the satisfying end. Readers who love romance, suspense, and a graceful amount of faith won’t want to miss this story.”
“A masterful blend of romance, intrigue, and history. From the first line of the novel, readers will engage with the compelling characters who are forging paths through danger and lies to find their way to true faith, hope, and love. Page-turning action combines with depth and richness to create a full-bodied, rewarding read. After such a stirring conclusion to this series, I can’t wait to see what Crystal writes next!”
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About the Author
Crystal Caudill

Crystal Caudill is the author of "dangerously good historical romance," with her work garnering awards from Romance Writers of America and ACFW. She is a stay-at-home mom and caregiver, and when she isn’t writing, Caudill can be found playing board games with her family, drinking hot tea, or reading other great books at her home outside Cincinnati, Ohio. Find out more at

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