Fiction Readers Retreat Recap

This post is a bit different in that I thought you guys might like a peek into a reader’s event and what it’s like from the author/reader perspective.

What is FRS?

On the factual level, Fiction Readers Summit is a yearly reader event held in Grand Rapids, MI. Half of our time was spent at a beautiful church event center, and the other half was spent at Baker Book House. Baker Book House is a destination bookstore y’all. It’s the biggest Christian store I think I’ve ever been in. We won’t talk about how much money I spent while there. . . but it was substantial.

Attendees got huge swag bags with lots of books and goodies. Many of those books were added to my giveaway stash, which was a huge blessing to me (and to those who participate in the reading challenge). If you’re part of my Facebook Group, I have a post going up with an album of all my pictures and a chance to win some of the swag that was given to us. (Think bookmarks, little charms, etc that fit inside a regular envelope.)

The event covered dinner and hang time on Thursday night; four author panels, games, giveaways, and lunch Friday morning; dinner on our own (but 14 of us went out together), and then selfies and signings on Friday night. On Saturday morning, we were served breakfast and socialized until everyone departed for airplanes or home.

A Family Reunion – But Everyone Likes Each Other

However, FRS is so much more than just an author/reader event. It is a family reunion–but one where everyone likes each other. Seriously, friendships are forged that last from one event to the next and beyond. I attended simply as a reader, but I had the chance to meet readers and potential new readers–not only meet them but hang out and really get to know them. So many of us were introverts that everyone understood if you had to walk away and take a break for a while.

During the author panels, there were honest and open discussions between authors and readers. Topics ranged from what readers want to see more of in fiction–the grittier side of life, postpartum depression, etc–to how authors of different colors and ethnicities can make their stories more appealing. The answer to that last one was really, actually a beautiful discussion. The universal answer is the culture, background, and voice of others should not be diminished in order to “better appeal” to others. We want to learn and experience other viewpoints, not have them changed to meet what are perceived expectations. It was a safe place to talk where authors and readers met on mutual ground to talk about the hardships and desires of the reading/writing world.

At “Selfies and Signings,” it wasn’t just lines of people getting signatures and selfies. There were discussions, mingling, and hanging out until Baker Book House literally turned out the lights on us to tell us all it was time to go home. . . and then we still hung out a little longer.

A huge number of us were in the same hotel and we hung out in the hotel lobby until almost midnight. I also cemented my place as an official tea lady/snob. I brought down a selection of about 14 tea flavors (most loose leaf teas) and my own hot water kettle. If you are a tea snob, you know there is nothing worse than the hot water that comes out of containers that once held coffee. It flavors the water and is terrible. Yes, it’s totally a first-world problem, but I like non-coffee water for my tea. It really was just a time of fellowship and family.

Meet the Authors

There were a ton of authors who showed up officially and unofficially. I missed some authors during the selfies. From left to right, top to bottom:

Tosca Lee, Bethany Turner, Carmen Schober, Dani Pettry, Susie Finkbeiner, Tammy Renich, Amanda Dyke, Carrie Turansky, Kimberly Duffy, Jennifer Wright, Jamie Jo Wright, Stephenia McGee, Amanda Cox, Erica Vetsch, Janyre Tromp, and Gabrielle Meyer.

Selfies I missed: Lynn Austin, Denise Hunter, Katie Powner (HOW did I miss her? We talked for like 30 minutes!!!), Patricia Raybon, and I heard Jennifer Delamere was there too.

One of the panel questions was ask the author a question. So what question would you ask of any of these authors.

This Is My Story – Tara Johnson’s Podcast

This Is My Story – Tara Johnson’s Podcast

As I haven’t had time to get a book review written this weekend, and won’t have time until the next weekend, I’m sharing instead about the wonderful Tara Johnson and her podcast, “This is My Story” where I was blessed to be a guest this past week. We covered all sorts of fun and inspirational topics over the course of about 40 minutes, so I hope you’ll get the chance to listen in.

Episode 3: Silver Strands and “Even Ifs” with Crystal Caudill

On today’s show, Tara and Crystal chat about messy families, the power of not being perfect, plastic Christianity and balking heroes of faith. Crystal shares how escaping PE class led her to Christ. The ladies talk about classics, Christian fiction, wild research, and Crystal’s new release Counterfeit Love. Also on this show… Silver strands, Bearing Precious Seed and what God teaches us when we say “even if”.


Bearing Precious Seed-

Pre-order Crystal’s upcoming novel here: Counterfeit Love: Caudill, Crystal: 9780825447402: Books

Introducing the Historical Bookwork Podcast

Introducing the Historical Bookwork Podcast

So I have a confession to make. I don’t have a book review for you this week. I just turned in my first ever edits on Sunday and I devoted every spare moment of the last month working on those. My brain is too kaput to write a review of a book I read last year but never got around to writing about. However, I want to stick to my commitment to give you reading-related material that you might like. My friend and critique partner, KyLee Woodley, released her first episode of a podcast just for fans of Christian historical fiction. Check it out below, give it a listen, and then let me know what you think! Sarah Sundin is her and Kendy’s first interview guest.

I stole the below from their website:

The Historical Bookworm Podcast is for fans of Inspirational Historical Fiction. It’s a unique interview show with a historical spin! Join hosts KyLee Woodley and Kendy Pearson for:

  • Author interviews – personal, better-than-a-blog interviews decidedly more insightful than any book jacket bio.
  • Pinch of the Past – this segment will enlighten and fascinate listeners with interesting historical facts, stories, recipes, quotes, and more.
  • The Bookworm Review – we’ll share our latest reads!
  • A Group for Groupies! – Hop onto our Historical Bookworm Facebook group so you can participate in the fun! This is an opportunity for listeners to interact with our guests and hosts.

Listen while you drive, jog, or wait for the kids after school. You won’t want to miss the bi-weekly Historical Bookworm Show! Every episode is designed for true history lovers and readers of inspirational fiction.

Episode 1: Guest Sarah Sundin and a Bookworm Review of Lori Benton’s latest

Join us for an interview with Sarah Sundin, writer extraordinaire of World War II drama, daring, and romance. She discusses her latest release and what she’s discovered along her journey in researching World War II. You won’t want to miss this delightful, personal glimpse into our guest as Sarah sheds her author cap for real-life tales. You may be quite surprised! Check out Sarah’s website, for all things Sarah–books, speaker information, maps, and more! And don’t forget to pick up her brand new release, When Twilight Breaks right HERE!

Pinch of the Past enlightens you with the amazing origins of a myriad of wedding-related customs, like the Best Man, wedding rings, honeymoons, and more.

Our Bookworm Review brings you Lori Benton’s fabulous 2020 release of Mountain Laurel, Book One of the Kindred series. Book Two, Shiloh, will be available in October of this year. Find Mountain Laurel HERE. And check out the rest of this author’s incredible books about frontier faith and fiction at


Let me know if you guys listen to it and what you think! If you’re into podcasts, I know of several historical fiction related ones that I can direct you to. If YOU know of Christian Fiction podcasts to recommend, share them here as well. Next week I hope to have my interview up with Jennifer Diebel and then the last day of February will have my review of this month’s reading challenge book, The Patriot Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse. I’m starting that tonight. 🙂 

Meet the Christian Fiction Class of 2021

Meet the Christian Fiction Class of 2021

*For those participating in the 2021 reading challenge, I have created a Facebook Group for those who want to interact throughout the month. For those who wish to receive a bookmark as a reminder of the themes, fill out this Google Form.*




2021 is bound to be a better year than 2020. At least that is what I am declaring! To start the year off right, I thought it would be neat to introduce you to some of the newest authors on the Christian Fiction scene. This year, ten authors I have had the honor to meet will debut their novels to the world. I have broken down the graduating class into the months they will break into the world. Support these new authors by connecting with them online, checking out their books, and if the books interest you, pre-order your copy or request your library to purchase a copy. Preorders go a long way to help an author have a successful book launch. It takes a lot of work to get a book out there, and I’m excited to help them get the word out.


Just as an incentive to help these authors out, I’m offering a $25 Baker Bookhouse gift card giveaway. Each author has chosen one link they want promoted most. Pick which ones you’d like to help out, and earn an entry for each one. To participate, click here



January Graduate



Amanda Wen is an award-winning writer of inspirational romance and split-time women’s fiction. She has placed first in multiple contests, including the 2017 Indiana Golden Opportunity Contest, the 2017 Phoenix Rattler Contest, and the 2016 ACFW First Impressions Contest. She was also a 2018 ACFW Genesis Contest finalist. A lifelong denizen of the flatlands, Amanda currently lives in Kansas with her husband, their three Wenlets, and one snuggly Siamese cat.


Connect with her:     Facebook     Twitter     Instagram



Roots of Wood and Stone

Genre: Split-time Women’s Fiction


This historic home holds the keys to their destiny . . . and their hearts

Abandoned at birth, her family roots a mystery, historical museum curator Sloane Kelley has dedicated her life to making sure others know theirs. When a donor drops off a dusty old satchel, she doesn’t expect much from the common artifact . . .until she finds real treasure inside: a nineteenth-century diary. Now she’s on the hunt to find out more.

Garrett Anderson just wanted to clean out his grandmother’s historic but tumbledown farmhouse before selling it to fund her medical care. With her advancing Alzheimer’s, he can’t afford to be sentimental about the family home. But his carefully ordered plan runs up against two formidable obstacles: Sloane, who’s fallen in love with both the diaries and the house, and his own heart, which is irresistibly drawn to Sloane.

A century and a half earlier, motherless Annabelle Collins embarks with her aunt and uncle on the adventure of a lifetime: settling the prairies of Sedgwick County, Kansas. The diaries she left behind paint a portrait of life, loss, and love–and a God who faithfully carries her through it all. Paging through the diaries together takes Sloane and Garrett on a journey they never could have planned, which will change them in ways they never imagined.

This warm, beautifully written split-time novel will resonate with readers looking for stories that reveal the beauty of God’s plan for our lives, and how our actions ripple for generations.

Preorder here:
Amazon      Barnes and Noble


February Graduate



Jennifer Deibel is a middle school teacher whose work has appeared on (in)courage, on The Better Mom, in Missions Mosaic magazine, and others. With firsthand immersive experience abroad, Jennifer writes stories that help redefine home through the lens of culture, history, and family. After nearly a decade of living in Ireland and Austria, she now lives in Arizona with her husband and their three children. You can find her online at Her debut novel, A Dance in Donegal, releases Feb. 2, 2021 from Revell and is available for pre-order wherever books are sold!

Connect with her:
Instagram     Facebook     Goodreads     BookBub


A Dance in Donegal

Genre: Historical Romance


After the loss of her Irish mother in the summer of 1920, Moira Doherty decides to fulfill her mother’s wish for her to leave Boston and teach in her mother’s home village of Ballymann in Donegal, Ireland. Though a few locals offer a warm welcome, others are distanced by superstition and suspicion. Rumors about a scandalous family reputation abound and threaten not only her new position but also her life.


Moira must rely on the kindness of a handful of unlikely friends including Sean, a handsome thatcher, to help her clear her family name before it’s too late. As she seeks to navigate her new life in Ireland, she may find that this is truly the life she was always meant to live.


Preorder here: Amazon     Baker Book House    Barnes and Noble     Books-A-Million     ChristianBook     IndieBound    Target     Walmart


March Graduate



A.D. Lawrence makes her home in Northeastern Nebraska. She has been passionate about writing and true crime for years, and her two obsessions melded into the goal of authorship. She is an active member of the ACFW, writes a true crime blog, won the 2019 Crown Award and was a 2019 First Impressions finalist and a 2020 Genesis finalist. Her first book will be released through Barbour in March of 2021 as part of the True Colors series.

Connect with her:     Twitter     Facebook     Instagram     Pinterest



The Purple Nightgown

Genre: Historical Fiction Suspense


Step into True Colors — a series of Historical Stories of Romance and True American Crime

Marvel at true but forgotten history when patients check into Linda 

Hazzard’s Washington state spa in 1912 and soon become victim of her twisted greed.
Heiress Stella Burke is plagued by insincere suitors and nonstop headaches. Exhausting all other medical aides for her migraines, Stella reads Fasting for the Cure of Disease by Linda Hazzard and determines to go to the spa the author runs. Stella’s chauffer and long-time friend, Henry Clayton, is reluctant to leave her at the spa. Something doesn’t feel right to him, still Stella submits herself into Linda Hazzard’s care. Stella soon learns the spa has a dark side and Linda a mean streak. But when Stella has had enough, all ways to leave are suddenly blocked. Will Stella become a walking skeleton like many of the other patients or succumb to a worse fate?

Preorder here: Amazon     Barnes and Noble


April Graduate

M.N. Stroh writes edgy Christian Historical Fiction to inspire the downtrodden and outcast with adventure-laden escapes leading to divine encouragement. Her debut novel, Rise of Betrayal, will release through the Cave imprint of Olivia Kimbrell Press in 2021. M.N. serves as Director of Communications for Serious Writer Inc. affiliate, Writers Chat. She is also director of Serious Writer Book Club and co-administrator of Christian Writers Group International.

Connect with her:     The Clan!(Newsletter)  Facebook     Instagram     Twitter     Pinterest     LinkedIn     Goodreads

Tale of the Clans Book 1: Rise of Betrayal


One brash act forced her to flee her clan. Now, after years in hiding, she risks exposure to the man whose brother is dead because of her. 


Ireland, 962 AD

Forced into a betrothal with the son of her warmongering overlord, Nessa knows her impending marriage will thrust her family into the heart of their clan’s longstanding feud with the Danes of Luimnech. Her fate is sealed until tragedy presses her to make a desperate escape—one which leads to her betrothed’s death.

Sanctuary among distant kindred proves short-lived and Nessa falls into the schemes of her rescuers. With the balance of power shifting in southern Ireland, her knowledge could pave the way for her former chieftain to claim the provincial throne. Yet, offering that knowledge may expose her identity to her estranged clansmen—and to the man whose brother was slain because of her.

Gideon mac Davan yearns to prove himself a warrior worthy of the Dal Cais. But he never dreamed his aspirations to join Brian mac Cennedigh’s rebel band would unfold after his brother’s murder. Conflicted between vengeance and the secret he conceals, Gideon must trod a contrary path. One which may end in the collapse of all he once revered.

Follow M.N. Stroh to keep up-to-date with cover reveals and preorder links.


May Graduate



Michelle Sass Aleckson –  After growing up on both the east and west coasts, Michelle Sass Aleckson now lives the country life in central Minnesota with her own hero and their four kids. She
loves rocking out to 80’s music on a Saturday night, playing Balderdash with the fam, and getting lost in good stories. Especially stories that shine grace. And if you’re
wondering, yes, Sass is her maiden name. Visit her at

Connect with her:



Crazy for You

Genre: Contemporary Romance


The problem with being related to everyone in town is that there is no one left to date…until now…but will this outsider survive his family?

Former soldier Veronica “Ronnie” Morales isn’t going to let her kid brother, Tiago, get pulled into the gangs of Minneapolis, so, seeking safety and a fresh start, she heads to sleepy Deep Haven on the north shore of Minnesota. She’s hoping to put down roots as the paramedic for the new Crisis Response Team, but it’s not easy to be the town outsider.

Fire Chief Peter Dahlquist is a peacemaker—he has to be. After all he’s related to both of the Deep Haven dynasties – the Zimmermans and the Dahlquists, Deep Haven’s
version of the Hatfields and the McCoys. Worse, Peter is the holdout vote for a landmark project, which also makes him the loneliest guy in town when both sides demand that he pick sides. The only one who seems to understand his plight is the newcomer in town…his pretty, street-tough paramedic.

When Tiago finds himself caught up in small town shenanigans and the town blames Ronnie for tragedy, Peter is forced to pick sides. But will his choice cost him the home—and the woman—he loves?

Preorder here: Amazon     Barnes and Noble


July Graduate


Jennifer L. Wright has been writing since middle school, eventually earning a master’s degree in journalism at Indiana University. However, it took only a few short months of covering the local news for her to realize that writing fiction is much better for the soul and definitely way more fun. A born and bred Hoosier, she was plucked from the Heartland after being swept off her feet by an Air Force pilot and has spent the past decade traveling the world and, every few years, attempting to make old curtains fit in the windows of a new home.
She currently resides in New Mexico with her husband, two children, and one rambunctious dachshund.
Connect with her:     Facebook     Twitter


If It Rains

Genre: Historical Fiction


A story of resilience and redemption set against one of America’s defining moments—the Dust Bowl.


It’s 1935 in Oklahoma, and lives are determined by the dust. Fourteen-year-old Kathryn Baile, a spitfire born with a severe clubfoot, is coming of age in desperate times. Once her beloved older sister marries, Kathryn’s only comfort comes in the well-worn pages of her favorite book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Then Kathryn’s father decides to relocate to Indianapolis, and only the promise of a surgery to finally make her “normal” convinces Kathryn to leave Oklahoma behind. But disaster strikes along the way, and Kathryn must rely on her grit and the ragged companions she meets on the road if she is to complete her journey.

Back in Boise City, Melissa Baile Mayfield is the newest member of the wealthiest family in all of Cimarron County. In spite of her poor, rural upbringing, Melissa has just married the town’s most eligible bachelor and is determined to be everything her husband—and her new social class—expects her to be. But as the drought tightens its grip, Henry’s true colors are revealed. Melissa covers her bruises with expensive new makeup and struggles to reconcile her affluent life with that of her starving neighbors. Haunted by the injustice and broken by Henry’s refusal to help, Melissa secretly defies her husband, risking her life to follow God’s leading.
Two sisters, struggling against unspeakable hardship, discover that even in their darkest times, they are still united in spirit, and God is still with them, drawing them home.


Preorder here: Amazon     Baker Bookhouse


September Graduate


Kerry Johnson has been conversing with fictional characters and devouring books since her carefree childhood in the Connecticut woods. A member of ACFW for nearly a decade, she finaled in their Genesis Contest seven times and won twice (YA and Romance). She also won RWA-Georgia’s Maggie award for her contemporary romance. She’s been published in Creation Illustrated and was a regular contributor to Tampa Bay’s Overflow Magazine from 2011-2013. Kerry currently lives in sunny, stormy Tampa Bay with her patient engineer husband, two energetic teen sons, their eight-year-old, doll-loving niece, and way too many books.

She’s active online at,, and on Twitter, where she shares an overabundance of pictures with her feathered toddler (sun conure) Mango and lazy Boxer, Boomer.


Title to be Revealed Soon

Genre: Romantic Suspense with Love Inspired Suspense 


The danger’s all downhill after a murder on the mountain.


When single-mom Everly Raven discovers a body inside a chalet on her family’s New England ski resort, the blame falls on her. Racing to evade the target on her back, she’s forced to work with her ex and father of her child, FBI agent Isaac Rhodes, to clear her name. But with a blizzard closing in and the killer’s henchman hot on their trail, can they stay alive long enough to find the real killer before he finds Everly first?


Follow Kerry to keep up-to-date with titles, cover reveals, and preorder links.


October Graduate


Rhonda Ortiz is award-winning novelist and nonfiction writer whose articles on spirituality, family life, and arts and culture have been published by a variety of popular media outlets. Her debut novel, Molly ChaseIn Pieces, is forthcoming October 2021 with Chrism Press, a new division of WhiteFire Publishing devoted to Catholic and Orthodox Christian voices. A native Oregonian, Rhonda attended college in historic Annapolis, Maryland and now lives in Michigan with her husband and five children. Find her online at


Connect with her:   Instagram     Facebook     Pinterest     GoodReads     Twitter




Molly Chase

Genre: Historical romance with elements of family drama and political suspense


Certain things ruin a girl’s reputation, and madness is one.

BOSTON, 1793—Beautiful and artistic, the only daughter of a prominent merchant, Molly Chase cannot help but attract the notice of Federalist Boston—especially its men. But she carries a painful secret: her father committed suicide and she found his body. Now nightmares plague her day and night, addling her mind and rendering her senseless. Molly needs a home, a nurse, and time to grieve and to find new purpose in life. But when she moves in with her friends, the Robbs, spiteful society gossips assume the worst. And when an imprudent decision leads to public scandal, Molly is tempted to take the easy way out: a marriage of convenience.

Merchant sailor Josiah Robb is as familiar to Molly as a brother—as dear and as exasperating. Yet she is no sister to him. He hopes to marry her before anyone else does, but sailing the high seas leaves no time for convincing Molly that he is more than her teasing childhood friend. Josiah wants a new job and a fresh start, and when he agrees to carry a confidential letter to President Washington, his life is changed forever.

In the wake of tragedy, these longtime friends discover a new intimacy. But slander, confusion, absence, and a wealthy, conniving bully stand between them. And with French spies on the loose, they not only have to rescue their reputations—they have to protect their lives.


Preorder here: While this book is not yet available for preorder, I recommend signing up for Rhonda’s newsletter on her website so that you can get the latest news.

November Graduate


Cathy McCrumb graduated from Biola University with a degree in English Literature and a love for stories. While writing is one of her favorite things to do, she also enjoys reading, long hikes and long naps, chocolate, baking gluten-free brownies, and crocheting while watching science fiction movies with friends and family. Her newest goal of ice fishing seems more attainable now that she and her family have moved to Colorado. Most of her imaginary friends are nice people.

Connect with her


The Recorder

Genre: Science Fiction
So, what’s *in* the book? Mystery, a touch of creepiness, and, yes, some romance, all mixed into dystopian science fiction, and a young woman who has neither a name nor a family. Plus, as he would have me tell you, there’s Nate. 😉)
The Recorder, the first book in Cathy’s sci-fi series, is set to release in November 2021. Set hundreds of years in the future, the novel tells the story of a nameless young woman raised to serve the public, and what happens when she discovers her humanity for the first time.
Follow Cathy for more information as it becomes available. 



Take the 2021 Reading Challenge

Take the 2021 Reading Challenge

Unlocking the Past: American History

A 2021 Reading Challenge

I’ve noticed over the years that many avid readers like to participate in reading challenges. Well this year, I decided to create my own and make it a giveaway opportunity. Since historical fiction/romance is my preferred genre of reading, that’s where we’re staying. Who knows, I may make this a yearly thing and focus on a different aspect of history each year.

This year’s reading challenge theme will be “American History” since that is my favorite. Each month will feature a different time-period. On the last day of the month, I’ll review my read the fulfills the challenge.


Monthly Prizes & How You Can Participate

Who doesn’t like to win prizes? Well, here’s your chance. Each month read a book from the indicated time period, then on my Unlocking the Past monthly post, comment with which book you read that month. One commenter will win a free copy of the book I reviewed. This will be open to international winners, but if the book is unavailable to ship to you through Book Depository you will receive a $10 (USD) Amazon gift card. You’ll have one week after I post my review to comment and be entered.


The Grand Prize – A copy of every book reviewed throughout the year.

Every month you comment on what you read, you’ll get one entry into the pot. Read all twelve months? Guess what! That’s 12 entries. Want extra entries? Each month I’ll put a KingSumo link at the bottom with options on how to share about monthly and grand prize giveaways. Each time you share, it’s an extra entry. On December 31, 2021, I’ll draw for the grand prize winner.

So what do you think? Are you game? You can start with earning extra entries now by sharing about this giveaway with the Rafflecopter link below. You can share daily for extra entries until January 15. After that, there will be a new giveaway each month. As a thank you for getting the word out, you’ll be entered in a special giveaway for a $15 Baker Bookhouse gift card.

Unlocking the Past: American History

2021 Reading Challenge

January – Colonial Period (1600s to 1760s)

February – American Revolution & War of 1812 (1760’s to 1815)

March – Westward Expansion (1815 to 1860s – Pioneers, Oregon Trail, Gold Rushes)

April – Civil War

May – Wild West (1860s to 1890s)

June – Gilded Age (1870s to 1900)

July – Progressive Era (1890s to 1920s)

August – WWI

September – Roaring 20s and/or Great Depression (1920s to1941)

October – WWII

November – Contemporary

December – Pick Your Favorite Time American Time Period


Want a bookmark to help keep your place or to help you spread the word? Fill out this Google Form.

I Need Your Feedback

I Need Your Feedback

Hi faithful readers!

I’m considering doing an every-other-month book club via my website and Facebook author page. Is this something you would be interested in?

I’ve always wanted to be part of a book club, but I’ve never had the joy of having local readers with similar tastes. I thought it would be great to get together with others who like reading Christian Historical Romance (like you!) and have our own online book club. I’m still trying to sort the idea out, but before I put too much effort into it, I wanted to have your feedback.


My current thought is to vote on a Christian Historical Romance novel, pick a day where we come together via Zoom (or just posts online) to discuss the book, play a game or two, and participate in a giveaway. I’d send discussion questions ahead of time because if you are like me, you need time to think and process. It would be an event you sign up for ahead of time and wouldn’t necessarily have to participate every time.

If I did it, I think the schedule would be January, March, May, July, September, and early November (to avoid holiday hassles).


The first one would be pretty short notice for this July, but the book options I’m thinking are:


  1. The Lost Lieutenant by Erica Vetsch – Regency
  2. A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White – WWI
  3. Veiled in Smoke by Jocelyn Green – The Great Chicago Fire


If this is something you are interested in, please comment below. Let me know what book would be your top choice and any suggestions you might have.

Ready to sign up? Fill out the Google form at this link:


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