Just dropping in for a quick moment to let you know about a Bookfunnel Promotion I’m participating in. If you are looking for some new-to-you authors to possibly try out, this promotion allows you to browse through some titles and descriptions and sign up to receive a free copy of short stories, novellas, and novels. I only know one author on the list to recommend, Danielle Grandinetti, so I can’t speak to the rest.

This is your chance to try out some new authors for free. If you’d like to stay connected with them, you can stay on their newsletter lists. If not, you can unsubscribe at any time.

My short story, Banking on Love, is on the list.

Visit https://books.bookfunnel.com/newyearhistoricalfiction/thwu0n3tk7 and take a look around.

Information about Banking on Love

November 1884

When Eunice Reed discovers her younger brother has been arrested for public intoxication, she travels from Cincinnati to Chicago to save him from himself. But public intoxication is the least of their problems. Irvin is tangled up with a dangerous bank robber. With a little help from her fiance, will the love and ingenuity of a sister be enough to save Irvin from making the biggest mistake of his life?

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