His Treasured Bride

by Patti Stockdale


I had the pleasure of reading Patti’s book, written in conjunction with Jodi Hedlund, for endorsement. This darling treasure hunt/marriage of convenience story was a fun adventure sprinkled with suspense and danger. With a mapmaker hero and a seamstress heroine–both determined on marriage for love only–teaming up together, what could be better? Watching their romance bloom and realization dawn was a sweet experience I’m happy to add to my bookshelves to revisit again.

Marriage of Convenience fans will love this sweet story, filled with adventure, romance, and a couple who grow together and as individuals. Like Daisy and Seth, you’ll find a true treasure when you read Patti Stockdale’s bride ship romance.

Genre: Historical Romance, 1860s Canada


After recently arriving in Vancouver Island on a bride ship, aspiring seamstress Daisy Harper is determined not to rush into a hasty and quarrelsome marriage, a mistake her parents made. To avoid choosing the wrong man, she creates a rigorous list of ten requirements for a potential husband.

Mapmaker Seth Ryann moved to the colony to assist his partially blind brother, a local missionary. They’ll soon return to Ireland, but first, Seth is tasked by a friend to find a treasure of gold hidden in the mountains. Seth has the map to the treasure, but he’s missing the key.

When he discovers Daisy somehow has the key, the two agree to search for the treasure together. They’re left with little choice but to quickly enter a marriage of convenience. As they venture into the wilderness and work together to overcome danger, an undeniable attraction grows. But will they find the treasure only to lose what matters most?

Author Website: https://pattistockdale.com/

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What is the most recent book you’ve read? What did you like about it? Who would you recommend it to?

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