If you’ve never had the chance to meet Jaime Jo Wright, you NEED to. Even if it is only through her Facebook. This woman is down-to-earth, living off coffee, and loves God and Edgar Allan Poe. You can’t go wrong hanging out with her. And now I get the joy of introducing YOU to her. 

Jaime Jo Wright is a coffee-fueled and cat-fancier extraordinaire who resides in Wisconsin’s rural woodlands. Her literary vocation involves penning chilling Gothic tales, with a strong preference to the master of dark, Edgar Allan Poe. Jaime’s books will keep you on the edge of your seat, with twists and turns that will leave you breathless. She is a multi-award-winning author, with numerous bestsellers under her belt.

You can connect with her through:  Website Facebook  |  YouTube  |  Instagram |  BookBub  |  GoodReads

Now for the fun stuff! I have to admit I am partial to my Fast Five. 🙂 So settle in as I hit Jaime with rapid-fire.



CC: Sweet or Salty?

JJW: Definitely salty

CC: Print, E-book, or Audiobook?

JJW: Print because you can’t smell the pages on an eBook!

CC: Coffee, Tea, or Other?

JJW: Coffee – duh.

Morning Person or Night Owl?

JJW: Neither – Sleeping is my hobby.

CC: Favorite Holiday?

JJW: Halloween – because Edgar A Poe and Ravens and Cats.

Your coffee habit cracks me up, and seriously, you can’t go wrong with Edgar Allan Poe.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

JJW: When I got frustrated that there were none of the books I wanted to read! Then I realized they were in my head, so I decided I should write them. I was 9.

CC: I love how you took control of your reading life at such a young age. That is fantastic.

What does your writing process look like from beginning to end?

JJW: Absolute chaos. I’m unorganized, inefficient, and the last-minuter everyone gets annoyed by. Although, I actually have some structure in my actual story writing . . . once I start.

CC: I so relate to that “once I start.” Chaos is totally my writing kryptonite, which makes me wonder.

What is your writing kryptonite?

JJW: My short attention span. And no, I’m not ADHD. I just enjoy too many things and want to do them ALL!

CC: There really are too many things that need doing in a 24-hour period. I can never do them all . . . But I try.

What has been the biggest challenge for you on your writing journey?

JJW: The last two years for many unspoken reasons, but also my mom’s moving to Heaven was like a punch in the gut. Happy for her, but man, it’s been tough!

CC: I’ve yet to lose a parent, so I can only imagine. But know that my heart hurts for you and you are in my prayers as you face “all the stuff.”

How have you seen God work through your writing journey?

JJW: Gosh! The people in this community of books are AMAZING encouragers. Whether from the Christian community or general book community, readers are cheerleaders and deserve awards.

CC: Amen to that. The reading community is such a blessing from God.

Do you have any advice for those who want to write their own stories?

JJW: Just write. Seriously. I’m a firm believer people can study the craft too much, because I’ve talked to writers who’ve read every craft book and have yet to finish one manuscript. So WRITE!

CC: Yes, writing is the #1 thing to do. But this is where I’m also going to plug Jaime’s MadLit Mentoring services because she’s too modest to bring it up here. Jaime offers workshops, small group writing courses, mentoring opportunities, and focused group sessions. Check it out, because she is a GREAT mentor!

Now I’m excited to talk about your newest release, The Lost Boys of Barlowe Theater.

It promises beauty but steals life instead. Will the ghosts of Barlowe Theater entomb them all?

Barlowe Theater stole the life of Greta Mercy’s eldest brother during its construction. Now in 1915, the completed theater appears every bit as deadly. When Greta’s younger brother goes missing after breaking into the building, Greta engages the assistance of a local police officer to help her unveil the already ghostly secrets of the theater. But when help comes from an unlikely source, Greta decides that to save her family she must uncover the evil that haunts the theater and put its threat to rest.

Decades later, Kit Boyd’s best friend vanishes during a ghost walk at the Barlowe Theater, and old stories of mysterious disappearances and ghoulish happenings are revived. Then television ghost-hunting host and skeptic Evan Fisher joins Kit in the quest to identify the truth behind the theater’s history. Kit reluctantly agrees to work with him in hopes of finding her missing friend. As the theater’s curse unravels Kit’s life, she is determined to put an end to the evil that has marked the theater and their hometown for the last century.

Purchase your copy at ALL THE PLACES by visiting this link to pick your favorite vendor.

CC: Where did you get the idea for The Lost Boys of Barlowe Theater?

JJW: My psychotic brain? Seriously though. Local lore on this one. Lots of ghost stories surrounding our theater on which Lost Boys at Barlowe Theater was based.
CC: Local lore can be such a great inspiration for SO many stories!
What about this story drew you to it?

JJW: Honestly? The ghost stories. I’m not a theater junkie, although I do love beautiful architecture. But the ghost stories that still swirl around our local theater were demanding ot be used.

CC: Jaime Jo Wright intrigued by a ghost story??? I would never have guessed!!! LOL 
Who do you think will be the readers who most love this book?
JJW: Readers who love creepy, mysterious thrillers but without outright horror and gore. I call it “Edgar A Poe meets Scooby Doo”.
CC: As much as I love Edgar Allan Poe and Scooby Doo, I really need to pull up my big girl panties and read your books. This sounds like a fun one to start with too. That being said, I always like to wrap my interviews up with a fun question, so . . .
What animal is most like you? Why?
JJW: A cat. Because they sleep a ton. 

CC: I love that. I wish I could sleep a ton. Although, lately I have been sneaking a nap in every day . . . And just because you are too fun not to ask . . .


If you were a pirate, what would your nickname be?
JJW: Whiskey Jo. I don’t know why. It just sounds fun.
Readers, I hope you’ll check out The Lost Boys of Barlowe Theater and then leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or BookBub. You wouldn’t believe how important that is to an author.  

Reader, how do you feel about books that are compared to Edgar Allan Poe and Scooby Doo? Have you read any of Jaime’s books? Which one would you recommend to a first time reader?

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