Promotion Ideas

Thank you so much for being interested in how you can help promote Counterfeit Love. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, so hopefully, I’ve found something for everyone on here. Have more ideas I could list? Drop me a line so I can add it. I’ve included an image of the Bingo Board first for your convenience. For those who are tech-savvy, you can save the image and use “mark up” to indicate which ones you’ve done. For those of us whom technology likes to elude or break for, you can just send me an email listing which ones you did.

Remember, this is just optional stuff, the icing on the cake. I appreciate you going above and beyond.

When you get Bingo, email me for your digital goody bag.

Bingo Board


List of Ideas

On Social Media

  • Talk about the book in Reader Groups like Avid Readers, or wherever you may be connected.
  • Share images of quotes or just text from a quote on your profile
  • Use your copy to create a Bookstagram Image
  • Pin the cover and book memes to Pinterest
  • Mark as Want to Read on Goodreads (
  • Recommend the book on Bookbub
  • Share about the online events


Online but Not Social Media

  • Leave a review on Goodreads, Bookbub, Amazon, and other retailers. (If you don’t do Amazon, that’s fine, just make sure you hit other retailers that you do support.)
  • Blog about the book. (feel free to contact me for interviews, behind the scenes info, character interviews, etc)
  • Direct people to my website:
  • Make/share a book trailer.
  • Do a video review of Counterfeit Love.
  • Have me or talk about my book on your Podcast or YouTube channel.
  • Create images that can be shared.


Offline Help

  • Talk about it with other readers. Recommend it whenever appropriate.
  • Request your library to purchase a copy.
  • Donate a copy to your church library, a nursing home, or Little Library.
  • Purchase copies to give away as Christmas and birthday gifts. (I’m putting together a Counterfeit Love Gift Giving Guide if you want to make it special, especially if you are giving it away as a preorder gift.)
  • Suggest Counterfeit Love for (or host) a book club meeting. (I have a book club kit being designed by Kregel that will be available shortly.)
  • Host your own launch party. (If I can, I’ll Zoom in or if local, try to be there in person.)
  • Write a review for your local paper.

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