Lord of her Heart

By Sherrinda Ketchersid

A Just Read Review

I’d heard of this book through word of mouth from my friends and was intrigued, but I held off buying a copy until my favorite book tour group asked for reviewers. I did purchase my own copy for the review, but just needed the extra push to pick it up, and I’m glad that I did.

Every once and a while I want to enjoy a good medieval read. Usually, I just reread Lori Wick’s The Knight and the Dove or a fairytale retelling, but it was nice to step into a new story. This story had elements that I love from multiple other stories while still holding its own as a unique story.

The characters made you want to keep reading to see exactly what would happen. Jocelyn has the courage to disguise herself as a boy, going so far as to cut her hair. The author did a realistic job of the challenges and the weaknesses a woman would face trying to pose as a squire–a very physically demanding job. Then you have that gallantry and chivalry of the knight, Malcom, with realistic flaws. He was a hero you could cheer on, and at moments want to slap the sense into. The secondary characters were entertaining and supportive of the main characters.

I love how this story has a knight, jousting, subterfuge, and a bit of mystery and danger. It has definitely been added to my reread pile.

Genre: Historical Romance, England, 1198 AD (aka Medieval)

Plot Overview:

Lady Jocelyn Ashburne suspects something is amiss at her family’s castle because her father ceases to write to her. When she overhears a plot to force her into vows—either to the church or a husband—she disguises herself and flees the convent in desperation to discover the truth. 

Malcolm Castillon of Berkham is determined to win the next tournament and be granted a manor of his own. After years of proving his worth on the jousting field, he yearns for a life of peace. Rescuing a scrawny lad who turns out to be a beautiful woman is not what he bargained for. Still, he cannot deny that she stirs his heart like no other, in spite of her conniving ways.Chaos, deception, and treachery threaten their goals, but both are determined to succeed. Learning to trust each other might be the only way either of them survives.

What I loved: Two things: 1. The jousting, because who doesn’t like a good jousting tournament. 2. I love how Jocelyn and Malcom must work together to each get what they want, but the deception used by the Jocelyn for her own protection, ends up working against her in the relationship with Malcom. It added a certain depth that helped me sink into the story.

Favorite Character and Why: I liked Jocelyn and Malcom a lot, but I can’t resist saying Horse was my favorite character. It absolutely cracked me up that Malcom couldn’t come up with a better name for his steed.

Who would like this? Anyone who loves a good medieval story with villains, plots to overthrow, jousting, and a love story that extends into the marriage afterward.

Rating and Why: Four stars. The story was enjoyable and something I will reread. It wasn’t so stand out in my mind as to get a five star, but it is something I will enjoy many times.


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