*Update – Colleen won the gift card.

As I’m working on reevaluating how I spend my limited time, I’ve been questioning whether or not I need to cut back on my blog posts. So to make a better-informed decision, I’m asking you–the ones who read my blog for more than giveaway opportunities–a few questions. For everyone who answers, I will put in a drawing for a $10 Baker Book House or Amazon gift card, your choice.


  1. Which posts are the ones you tend to read on this blog?
  2. Would you be opposed to only having 2-3 blog posts per month instead of 1-2 weekly? (One would always be the reading challenge post.)
  3. If I am reducing the number of posts that I put up, which type of posts would you want me to post MOST OFTEN? (I’ll probably still do all of them throughout the year at different points, but I want to know what to focus my time on that will be most interesting to you. And please assume the only giveaway posts would be the reading challenge posts.)
    • Author Interviews
    • Character Interviews
    • Behnd-the-Story Posts – Personal and historical ties
    • Book Reviews


Thank you so much, and I’d really appreciate it if you would answer all three questions.

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