Party Answers

Thanks for being interested in knowing the titles.

I am excited to announce the series will be called:

Hidden Hearts of the Gilded Age

And the first book in the series will be called:

Counterfeit Love

I look forward to sharing the official blurb, cover, preorder information, and so much more in the coming months. If you want to be the first to know, you can sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar or below. Thanks again for sharing in the fun with me!


Here’s a quick, unofficial blurb for the book:

In a world of counterfeits, who can they trust?

Cincinnati, 1884:

Staving off creditors is nothing new to Theresa Plane. After all Grandfather has sacrificed to raise her, she owes it to him to save the Plane name before she marries Edward Greystone. However, when one creditor’s threats lead her to a stumble upon a midnight meeting in a cemetery, Theresa discovers Grandfather harbors a dark secret. The consequence of his betrayal leaves her entangled in a life-threatening fight for her home and the truth.

After months of undercover work, Secret Service operative Broderick Cosgrove is finally on the cusp of identifying the leader of a notorious counterfeiting ring. When his former fiancé stumbles into a meeting between counterfeiters, her connection to his case becomes undeniable. Broderick refuses to believe she’s a willing participant, even if his partners declare the evidence affirms it. Protecting her and proving her innocence will risk his career, but he’ll die before failing her again.

With little choice but to trust the man who broke her heart, Theresa agrees to a tentative partnership. However, they’re both keeping secrets. As complications drive them deeper into danger, another betrayal threatens their faith, hearts, and very survival.

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