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September’s Theme: Time Travel

October’s Theme: Medieval Setting

In This Moment

by Gabrielle Meyer

Review by: Charity Henico, @Charity.Book.Escapes on Instagram

What if you had three different lives, but you could only finish out one? And YOU had to choose which one that would be? That’s Margaret/Maggie/Meg’s dilemma in In This Moment, which is the second book in Gabrielle Meyer’s Timeless series. She’s living three different lives, in three different eras, at the same time. When she turns 21, she has to choose which life to keep. 

I really can’t talk much about this book, as I don’t want to give anything away. But hear me out here: when each chapter is so poignant, so moving, that you have to set the book aside for a few minutes to take it all in before reading the next one, and when an author can put you smack dab in the middle (well, the beginning) of the Civil War, World War 2, AND September 11? You know you have yourself a good book. Not even just a good book, but a must-read book.

I knew which path I wanted Margaret/Maggie/Meg to choose pretty much from the beginning, but I still wasn’t sure exactly which one it would be until almost the last chapter! This book will keep you guessing until the very end, and you do NOT want to miss out!

Genre: Historical, Dual-Time/Time Travel

Plot Overview:

Maggie inherited a gift from her time-crossing parents that allows her to live three separate lives in 1861, 1941, and 2001. Each night, she goes to sleep in one time period and wakes up in another. Until she turns twenty-one, when she will have to forfeit two of those lives–and everyone she knows in them–forever.

In 1861, Maggie is the daughter of a senator at the outbreak of the Civil War, navigating a capital full of Southern spies and wounded soldiers. In 1941, she is a navy nurse, grappling with her knowledge of the future when she joins a hospital ship going to Pearl Harbor. And in 2001, she’s a brilliant young medical student, fulfilling her dream of becoming a surgeon.

While Maggie has sworn off romance until she makes her final choice, an intriguing man tugs at her heart in each era, only complicating the impossible decision she must make, which looms ever closer. With so much on the line, how can Maggie choose just one life to keep and the rest to lose?

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  • The Rose and the Thing by Joyce Brandt Williams
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  • Enamored by Jody Hedlund
  • The Knight and the Dove by Lori Wick

What did you read for the challenge? What were your thoughts on it? Would you recommend it?

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