The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep

The Noble Guardian

By Michelle Griep

Ya’ll are probably getting tired of my raving about Michelle Griep books, but THIS ONE, The Noble Guardian, is my absolute favorite of hers, and I NEVER thought anything would surprise my first love of Brentwood’s Ward. Samuel Thatcher is the most swoon-worthy hero ever. Absolutely my type. Dark, brooding, protective, tough, but entirely a softy on the inside. Yes, it is one of those books that I will force everyone I know to read, and multiple copies have already been ordered for gifts–whether they want them or not. I finished this book a couple weeks ago in the midst of traveling and I’m still flying on a high. And that cover? I am not one to stare at men or think much on appearances, but I could really stare at that cover all day long. So yeah… definitely a favorite. You have to pre-order this baby. Enough gushing, on with the review!

Genre: Historical Romance, England, 1815

Plot Overview:

Life couldn’t be better for Abigail Gilbert—but it’s been a long time in coming. Having lived with a family who hated her, it’s finally her time for love. Abby sets off on a journey across England to marry one of the most prestigious gentlemen in the land—until highwaymen upset her plans and threaten her life.

Horse patrol captain Samuel Thatcher arrives just in time to save Abby. But she’s simply another victim in a job he’s come to despise. Tired of the dark side of humanity, he intends to buy land and retire. Abby pleads with him to escort her for the rest of her journey. He refuses—until she offers him something he desperately needs to achieve his goal. . .money. Delivering her safely will give him more than enough to buy property.

So begins an impossible trek for the cynical lawman and the proper lady. Each will be indelibly changed by the time they reach her betrothed, if they don’t kill one another first—or fall in love.

What I loved: This book contained everything I love: a stubborn, strong heroine; a fiercely protective hero who is mysterious (and killer-handsome); villains that make your boots shake; fight scenes which make you hold your breath; a love that blooms naturally; and surprises that make me keep turning the pages long after bedtime… even when I have to get up at a ridiculously early time.

Favorite Character and Why: Is that really a question? Samuel Thatcher is my new book boyfriend as some of my reader friends claim to have. Holy moly! That man’s character and strength are enough to make a girl fan herself. He’s not perfect, but land’s sake, he is one I enjoy reading.

Who would like this? Anyone who craves adventure and danger with their romances, strong lawmen heroes, wonderful historical details, and stories set in England.

Rating and Why: Six stars. It is a book that makes me want to go and change the few six star ratings of other books to fives. Seriously, the best book I have ever read from Michelle Griep, and the best book ever for what I would call Historical Romantic Suspense. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Do you feel the love for this book? LOL

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author. The above opinions are my own and are in no way influenced.*


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