Independence Day Jokes

Okay, okay, I know. It’s been almost a month since I posted anything. But guys! I have two boys and totally underestimated (again) how little I get done when they are home for the summer. So  I am going to kick July 1st off with a bang!



Don’t roll your eyes at me! I love a good corny joke! In fact, I’ll post just a couple others for your enjoyment right here…

My Top Five Independence Day Jokes








Praying you have a fantastic, safe Independence Day Weekend!


Got any more corny jokes? Post them here and you might just see them in a future post with your name! You’ll be famous… at least so my small following here, on Facebook, and on Twitter!


Looking for some patriotic reads for this weekend? Check out these books by Angela Couch!


Amazon Links: The Scarlet Coat, The Patriot and the Loyalist

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