Writing Prompt Wednesday: Camp Fire Fright

I don’t know about you, but my family loves to go camping. My oldest boy is a Boy Scout and my youngest a Tiger Scout. Spring has hit Kentucky and so has camping season. So in honor of outdoor fun, here is a writing prompt to create your own camp fire fright.




Darkness crept over the mountains as (you choose the number) campers settled around the campfire. Miles away from any civilization, they watched as stars emerged in dozens around a full moon. Owls began their nightly calls and crickets their noisy songs.


Tinfoil dinners sizzled in the embers around the edge of the fire. The crunch of footsteps and the beam of a flashlight drew their gaze.


“I would advise moving your campsite elsewhere, folks,” a park ranger stated as he came closer.


“But we’re already settled. Why should we move?”


The ranger shifted as if he were uncomfortable. “Well, because…”


What would frighten you the most out in the middle of nowhere? Take hold of that fear and run with it. Then be glad you are sleeping in a real bed tonight.


Happy writing!


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