Meet Micah Bender from Crime Scene Witness by Dana R. Lynn

Meet Micah Bender from Crime Scene Witness by Dana R. Lynn

I’ve enjoyed several Love Inspired Suspense authors over the years (I’ve really only read a handful), but I’ve yet to read Dana’s books. That’s why I’m so excited to get to meet Micah Bender from Crime Scene Witness. Join me in finding out who he is, what the story is about, and what danger lurks in the shadows. First, about the story:

Crime Scene Witness by Dana R. Lynn

Finding a safe haven

is the only way to stay alive

When crime scene cleaner Lissa Page discovers a clue at a murder site, she’s attacked and becomes the killer’s new target. Now Deputy US Marshal Micah Bender must protect the single mother from becoming another victim. But with threats coming from every direction, Micah needs to hide Lissa—and the Amish community he left behind might be the answer to keeping his witness safe.

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Now for our interview with Micah.

CC: Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

MB: Good morning. My name is Micah. I’m the hero of this story, though sometimes I don’t feel too hero-like, and that’s the truth. I was Amish once, a long time ago, but I’m a Deputy US Marshal now. I don’t have time for romance or any of that emotional baggage. Only, I’m protecting this woman, Lissa, and her little girl. Cutest kid I ever saw. Lissa’s getting under my skin, too. But I know it can’t go anywhere. Being a marshal is my life. Protecting people. And trying to forgive myself for past failures.

CC: That is a hard place to be when a good woman walks into your life. So is that your biggest fear–falling in love?

MB: What I dread is the thought of someone I love paying for my mistakes. Twice in my life, I’ve failed to protect someone close to me. One of them died. The other was lost for more than 20 years. I figure if I keep my focus 100 percent on my job and don’t let myself get too close, I’ll see the danger before it strikes. And no one will suffer because of my failure.

CC: Oh honey, you can’t hold onto guilt like that. But I suppose that is something you are going to have to learn on your own. Who is your favorite person to deal with during the course of Crime Scene Witness?

MB: Little Shelby is a hoot. She’s about as adorable as a kid can get. And sassy. Like her mama. Except I’m keeping my distance from her mother. But Shelby? She sent me one smile, and I couldn’t resist her. If I were ever to have a daughter, well, no. That’s never going to happen. Forget I said anything.

CC: Kids do have a knack for worming their way into our hearts. So you’ve told us a little bit about Shelby, but what we all really want to know is who is this Lissa, and how would you describe her?

MB: Alyssa Page. Everyone calls her Lissa. She’s sweet and sassy. And brave. I know she’s scared. After all, she’s witnessed her best friend’s murder scene, has lost most of her family, and has sacrificed so much to be a good mother. On top of that, someone is out to kill her. But she’s not letting it break her spirit. I can’t help but admire her grit.

CC: She does sound like a special woman. You mentioned she’s lost most of her family, but what about you and your family? Do you enjoy family gatherings?

MB: This is complicated. Yeah, I enjoy family gatherings. I still feel awkward being a deputy marshal in an Amish home, but my parents never say anything to make me feel that way. They are just tickled to have me back in their lives. And the food! No one cooks like my Mamm. She’s amazing. I’m getting hungry thinking about it. Of course, there is still some sorrow. No one has seen my brother Isaiah in more than fifteen years. I keep praying. I know the others do, too. My parents don’t talk about him. It’s too painful.

CC: That is really hard to cope with. I suspect I know your answer to my next question. If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

MB: It would be a tie. If I weren’t so broken, my first wish would be that I could allow myself to fall for someone like Lissa and have a family of my own. Of course, that’s not something I see happening anytime soon. My second wish would be to see my brother Isaiah again. Man, I miss him so much. I can’t even talk about him, the pain is too raw, even after all this time. We were close once.

CC: Broken family relationships can be so incredibly hard. I look forward to reading the story to find out if you get any closure and if maybe a family is in store for your future.

Readers, if you like quick and suspenseful reads, then you need to check out Crime Scene Witness, now available online and sometimes at Walmart.

About Dana R. Lynn:

Dana R. Lynn is a USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author who believes in the power of God to touch people through stories. She met her husband at a wedding in Pennsylvania and told her parents she had met her future husband. Nineteen months later, they were married. Today, they live in rural Pennsylvania and are entering the world of empty nesters. She is a teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing by day and writes stories of romance and danger at night. Dana is an avid reader, loves cats and thinks chocolate should be a food group. Readers can contact her or sign up to receive her monthly newsletter at

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Readers, what Love Inspired stories have you read before?


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