Engraved on the Heart by Tara Johnson

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Engraved on the Heart

Engraved on the Heart by Tara Johnson


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a HUGE history nerd, and one of my favorite things to research is how the Civil War affected relationships not just between regions of our nation, but within families. Engraved on the Heart does an amazing job of that.

Genre: Historical Romance, 1861, Early Civil War

Plot Overview: More than whispers of war threaten Keziah Montgomery in Savannah, GA. The secret of her falling sickness (epilepsy) is exposed when she loses consciousness during a ball. Former classmate and friend, Dr. Micah Greyson tends to her and they reconnect. Bringing her to a secret abolitionist meeting, Micah reveals why he cannot fight for the Confederacy. Their paths part for a time, but Keziah is forever changed by the story of a runaway slave. She cannot support the Confederacy, though her family is a staunch supporter. Becoming a conductor on the Underground Railroad risks her life and relationship with her family, but it gives her purpose and reconnects her with Micah. As tensions rise, and an antiabolitionist group actively pursues them, will saving others cost their lives and their hearts?

What I loved: The emotional aspect of this story reached a level of depth not often found in Civil War stories. The struggle between family, friends, society, self-worth, and the value of a person were relatable and real. Not to mention, the historical details were accurate and finely interwoven into the story.

Favorite Character: I could see myself in Keziah. Having spent a good portion of my life struggling with self-worth and people-pleasing behaviors, I related to all her emotions and struggles. I also found the descriptions of the epileptic episodes interesting. I have a couple friends with epilepsy and it helped to understand them and what they go through a bit more.

Who would like this: Anyone who loves great historical details, Civil War tensions, emotional stories that deal with self-worth and purpose, and gentle love stories that grow out of adversity.

Rating and Why: I gave this a five-star rating because it was a unique read that really drew in many of the struggles of the time. I was really impressed with the handling of tough issues and all the historical details. It is a story most anyone can relate to.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author/publisher. The review above was influenced in no way by this and the above opinions are my own.

Join the discussion: The Civil War was a time that tore our nation apart. What do you think would have been the hardest aspect of living during that time period for you?

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