Introducing the Historical Bookwork Podcast

Introducing the Historical Bookwork Podcast

So I have a confession to make. I don’t have a book review for you this week. I just turned in my first ever edits on Sunday and I devoted every spare moment of the last month working on those. My brain is too kaput to write a review of a book I read last year but never got around to writing about. However, I want to stick to my commitment to give you reading-related material that you might like. My friend and critique partner, KyLee Woodley, released her first episode of a podcast just for fans of Christian historical fiction. Check it out below, give it a listen, and then let me know what you think! Sarah Sundin is her and Kendy’s first interview guest.

I stole the below from their website:

The Historical Bookworm Podcast is for fans of Inspirational Historical Fiction. It’s a unique interview show with a historical spin! Join hosts KyLee Woodley and Kendy Pearson for:

  • Author interviews – personal, better-than-a-blog interviews decidedly more insightful than any book jacket bio.
  • Pinch of the Past – this segment will enlighten and fascinate listeners with interesting historical facts, stories, recipes, quotes, and more.
  • The Bookworm Review – we’ll share our latest reads!
  • A Group for Groupies! – Hop onto our Historical Bookworm Facebook group so you can participate in the fun! This is an opportunity for listeners to interact with our guests and hosts.

Listen while you drive, jog, or wait for the kids after school. You won’t want to miss the bi-weekly Historical Bookworm Show! Every episode is designed for true history lovers and readers of inspirational fiction.

Episode 1: Guest Sarah Sundin and a Bookworm Review of Lori Benton’s latest

Join us for an interview with Sarah Sundin, writer extraordinaire of World War II drama, daring, and romance. She discusses her latest release and what she’s discovered along her journey in researching World War II. You won’t want to miss this delightful, personal glimpse into our guest as Sarah sheds her author cap for real-life tales. You may be quite surprised! Check out Sarah’s website, for all things Sarah–books, speaker information, maps, and more! And don’t forget to pick up her brand new release, When Twilight Breaks right HERE!

Pinch of the Past enlightens you with the amazing origins of a myriad of wedding-related customs, like the Best Man, wedding rings, honeymoons, and more.

Our Bookworm Review brings you Lori Benton’s fabulous 2020 release of Mountain Laurel, Book One of the Kindred series. Book Two, Shiloh, will be available in October of this year. Find Mountain Laurel HERE. And check out the rest of this author’s incredible books about frontier faith and fiction at


Let me know if you guys listen to it and what you think! If you’re into podcasts, I know of several historical fiction related ones that I can direct you to. If YOU know of Christian Fiction podcasts to recommend, share them here as well. Next week I hope to have my interview up with Jennifer Diebel and then the last day of February will have my review of this month’s reading challenge book, The Patriot Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse. I’m starting that tonight. 🙂 

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