Terrific Book Tuesday: Mail Order Surprise by Lucy Thompson

Mail Order Surprise by Lucy Thompson


Mail order bride stories have seemed to become a trend in recent Christian Fiction stories. Each has their own special twist, and Mail Order Surprise follows that trend.


Neither character has a flawless past nor are they prepared for the trouble that seems to follow the duo wherever they go. Barriers create a love that is slow growing and hesitant, especially on Lydia’s part.


Lucy does an excellent job of showing the emotional reactions of an abused woman entering into a new marriage to escape her past and protect her children. Her hesitancy toward love is understandable and realistic.


Beau is a gentleman trying to do his best with what he has been given. He doesn’t always make the right choices, but he is a good and admirable man.


Both Lydia and Beau start off their marriage withholding important information from each other – she has two children and he has a household full of relatives living with him. The intermingling of the two families is entertaining.


The plot moved along nicely and had a few surprises and unexpected twists. While there were some weaknesses to the story, they were easily moved past and the story remained enjoyable.


I would not call it the best story I have ever read, but I certainly enjoyed Lucy’s own take on mail order brides. If you are looking for a twist on the traditional story line, this needs to be put on your TBR pile. (To Be Read, if you didn’t know.)


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BEAU HARDING just wants to keep his family together. Leaning on his own strength, he’s tried to do his best by his siblings and he needs a little help. Okay, more than a little help. Only one thing to do—send for a mail order bride. Widow, LYDIA WALSH, must trust God’s promise to protect her future, despite his silence. With her former abusive mother-in-law, MRS. WALSH, after her children, Lydia puts her hope in what she can see: a fresh start as a mail order bride in the mountain town of Halls Pass.

Can these two survive the wild west to find God’s will for their lives and healing for their hearts?

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Terrific Book Tuesday: Mail-Order Revenge


This was the first novel I have read by Angela Couch. It was an enjoyable romance and a quick read.


Elizabeth is under the impression that Axel’s father stole money from her father’s business and was the source of the complete ruination of her family and future. All blame lays squarely on his shoulders.


Revenge is the motive of all her actions. She must make them hurt as much as she has and retrieve all the money that is rightfully hers in the process. Her real target is the father, but Axel will do fine as collateral damage. Through a series of disasters, mostly of her creation, she reestablishes her relationship with God and discovers forgiveness. But is it too late to make amends with Axel, the man she has grown to love?


Elizabeth is a character whom you can relate with but makes you want to thunk her on the head and say “You should have had a V-8.” Axel is a man caught in the middle of a feud he didn’t know existed and suffers the consequences. You ache for him and hope for love and reconciliation.


While the book wasn’t what you would call deep or complex, it was an enjoyable read that helped you escape from reality for a few hours. I hope Axel and Elizabeth’s story develop and grow in perhaps future books. There are certainly many areas of growth they both could still experience and difficulties they could face together. They are a good pair and you won’t regret the time you spend reading it.

*I received a free copy for my honest review, which you have read above.*


Elizabeth Landvick knows of one man to blame for her family’s loss of fortune and her parents’ deaths. Now, she will stop at nothing to take her revenge and recover their wealth. Even travel across the country to marry the man’s son.

With his focus on his sprawling Arizona ranch, Axel Forsberg has little time for wooing a woman, so when his father finds him a bride from the east, he trusts he won’t regret the convenience. Until horses go missing, barns burn to the ground, a range war begins…and he loses his heart.

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