Writing Wednesday: Be Encouraged

Life has been really tough for the last year. Our household currently has five adults – three of which need support and transportation – and two kids. I won’t elaborate on how the oldest kid is a preteen working on pushing all the boundaries set for him.


In addition to that, there are tons of outside forces pulling at my mental sanity. Families falling apart. Friends who need emotional and financial support. Guilt for not being able to take sub jobs because of constant family crises.  It feels like everyone is dependent on me.


Then add to that my struggles with writing. I firmly believe God called me to publishing. It is a journey that I would not want to take otherwise. I have learned a lot, need to learn a lot, and struggle with confidence.
The writing community is an amazing support and the friends which I prayed to make for most of my adult life have developed through that community. Still, after reading their magnificent manuscripts I struggle to believe I will ever be good enough.
What if this is just all a waste of time? What if I am just fooling myself? God didn’t really call me to this, did He?


I constantly pray for God to encourage me on my journey and to open doors to my writing as long as it is His will. If He doesn’t want me writing, I pray that he would slam those doors in my face.
Well, He hasn’t. And this morning He had me read something in my Bible study and made me want to share with you.

Fervent by Priscilla Shirer

Whether you are an author or not, this has huge implications for you and your prayer life.
Instead of focusing on my insecurities, I am going to fight with prayer and focus on what God has given me. The gift of writing for His glory.


Will I be the next best selling author? I don’t think so, but I don’t write for this world. I write to glorify my God and touch the hearts of those whom God has planned for my writing to touch.


Now go and be encouraged. You have been given a job. God has equipped you with His power. He has called you not to have a spirit of timidity by a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline/sound judgment. Put on your Amor of God and fight the devil’s lie to you.

How can I pray for the journey God has called you to, writing or otherwise?

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