Sapphire Secrets by Dawn V. Cahill

Sapphire Secrets was a real world story that compels you to keep reading. I simply couldn’t put it down! I rarely read contemporary fiction as I tend to get enough of my own reality. However, Sapphire Secrets really lured me in and kept me hooked.


The main character, Livy, is the daughter of a rock star daddy and twin to DeeDee. Their mother was the victim of a heroin overdose preceded by an event that left Livy without memory of what really happened. I won’t give it away, but it is definitely worth the read. That plot alone would have been enough to keep my interest, but Livy’s journey wasn’t just about finding her lost memories.


I really enjoyed Livy’s journey to Christ and the realities that come with it. Yes, you gain Christ and eternal life, but it does come at a cost. Miss Cahill did a fantastic job of illustrating this without the sugar coating so common to Christian fiction.


Miss Cahill’s world was real, filled with real characters many of us encounter every day. Whether they are same-sex couples, divorcees, those affected by drugs, manipulators, or just characters dealing with life changing events, this story dealt with them all masterfully.


Sapphire Secrets filled a hunger I didn’t know I had: a Christian novel that deals with real world elements without preaching and leaves you thinking. I cannot wait to continue following Livy’s story.


*I was given a free copy of this book to review for my honest review, and I honestly believe you should get your own copy to enjoy!*

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