The Pinkerton’s Pursuit of Justice by Clari Dees

The Pinkerton’s Pursuit of Justice by Clari Dees

The Pinkerton’s Pursuit of Justice

by Clari Dees


Sometimes you just need a good ol’ Western to read. Clari Dees did not disappoint with The Pinkerton’s Pursuit of Justice. The story was well-written, lively, engaging and never dull, surprising, and also contained a spiritual element that was light, yet solidly done.

I thoroughly enjoyed Tremain’s determination to capture and keep ahold of the slippery Emmalena. When he realized more was going on than a simple pick up a thief and haul her back, he was equally determined to protect her and root up the truth. His character arc was believable, respectable, and one I enjoyed watching him grow through.

Emmalena was probably my favorite character. She was a woman capable of taking care of herself, yet knew her limitations–even if she did push them on occasion. She might have been on the run, but she had a good heart and a good reason to stay hidden.

Watching these two as they fought against, with, and then for each other was a delight that I intend to repeat.

I definitely recommend this book to fans of Pinkerton stories, westerns, and historical suspense. This was my first book from Clari Dees, but I loved it and am already picking up my copy of the second book, Claiming the Bounty Hunter’s Heart.

Genre: Western


He’s searching for justice. He just didn’t expect it to be her.

Pinkerton agent, Tremain Taggart, has dangerous criminals to investigate and apprehend. He doesn’t have time to escort a petty thief to Denver, but the quicker he completes the assignment his superior ordered him on, the quicker he can return to more important cases. However, the straightforward task promptly turns into the most complicated, chaotic chase of his career, and if he ever gets his hands on the elusive Miss Justice, he will be sorely tempted to wring her neck.

All Emmalena wanted was a tiny corner of the world to call her own. But after running away from the circus—the only life she’s ever known—all she’s found is trouble. And now she’s on the run, again. This time with a disturbing Pinkerton hot on her trail. If she can’t outrun or outwit him, she might have to risk her heart and actually trust him.

She’s the assignment he didn’t want. He’s the complication she didn’t need. But together, they might be exactly what they were each searching for.

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