The Billboard Bride by Monica Mynk


The Billboard Bride by Monica Mynk


Monica Mynk was a new to me author who delighted me with her humor and Kentucky girl antics.


The Billboard Bride is the story of a stubborn bride and an ex-pro baseball player who takes care of the crazy girl determined to spend thirteen days up on a billboard waiting for an apology from her two-timing fiance. It is a story of second chances, forgiveness, and new hope.


People who like funny, sweet romances will enjoy this well-woven story.


Being a Kentucky girl myself, I enjoyed all the nods to Kentucky country living – especially Ale-8-One, my favorite local drink. Monica really brings the small community to life – the good parts and the bad parts of small community living.


The characters were memorable and realistic. Melanie, the heroine, was a dramatic Kentucky girl whom I could see myself in so much that it had my ribs hurting from laughter. Even city-boy Kyle was a man I admired and chuckled at many a time. The poor guy was left to run a farm by himself while his grandfather was out of town. Gertie, the cow, was definitely a favorite.


The plot itself was believable and enjoyable. I won’t give anything away, but by the end, I even felt a little sorry for the two-timing fiance… well at least a very little. Both Kyle and Melanie are far from their walk with God, so there are great lessons on forgiveness and trusting in God that really resonate. Although so preaching was involved, it was well written and intriguing. I never felt preached at.


Monica’s writing was smooth, humorous, and very professional. Although she said this book was a break from her normal romantic suspense writing, I am looking forward to exploring her other books. Join me next week for an interview with Monica Mynk herself!

“Melanie Turner’s taking stubborn to new heights…

When she discovers her fiance’s infidelity mere minutes before their wedding, Melanie snatches Daddy’s shotgun and climbs a billboard on the farm neighboring the church. As family and friends plead with her, she grows more determined. She’s not coming down until that sorry Stephen climbs up and apologizes. No matter how long it takes. Problem is, Stephen’s not coming, which leaves Kyle Casey in a real bind.

His grandfather left him in charge of the farm, and he’s struggling with the responsibility. And as a permanently suspended ex-pro baseball player, he doesn’t need the publicity her melodrama’s sure to bring. His mind changes when the preacher of the church, convinces him that helping Melanie is the right thing to do. While the hours turn into days, he sits with her on the cramped billboard deck, enjoying her company far more than he should. As they both discover they’ve spent their lives focused too much on self, can this washed-up pro athlete and spoiled-rotten tomboy find a path to peace and renewal?”

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