Writing Prompt Wednesday: Lighthouse Savior

Last week for our 11th anniversary, my husband and I had the opportunity to drive up to Maine and photograph some of the lighthouses, so this week I thought I would spend some time on my blog with a lighthouse theme.


The main character’s name this week could go either way. You choose whether you want the character to be male or female.



The roar of violent waves crashing against rock competed with the thunder of a
thousand horses racing. Both combined to shake the ground with such force, its vibration reverberated through Darcy’s shoes . Blinding rain and pelting hail hurtled toward him/her.

In the distance a small boat perilously crested each furious wave only to drop to the bottom as another one mounted. The tiny ding of its bell was lost to the chaos of the raging storm around it, just as the boat would soon be lost.

If only s/he could reach the light house in time…


Now it is your turn. How will this story turn out? Will Darcy make it to the lighthouse and repair a broken light? Will he make it to the house and sound the fog horn? Will the boat crash? Will Darcy rescue its crew? Twist and turn this story how ever you want and then share it! I am eager to hear what Darcy does and if the boat survives.


Happy writing!


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