Writing Prompt Wednesday: Wedding Bells



The preacher stood before him, Bible open, and head bowed over the text. A woman he didn’t recall ever meeting stood next to him and her Pa stood behind them, a shotgun levered into Bo’s backside. Bo wasn’t exactly sure how he’d gotten into this mess, but…


The idea of a shotgun wedding is fun, don’t you think? Have some fun with it and share your ideas. Not sure where to begin? Check out What is GMC?, An In-depth Look at Character Goals, and Character Motivation – Answering Why.


Happy writing!


Writing Prompt Wednesday: A Dangerous Run

Man Running Outside Along Desert Trail

Gravel crunches beneath your feet. Heat reflects off the clay canyon walls, baking your skin like an overcooked pizza. Beads of sweat run their coarse down your neck and back.   Your chest burns with each breath, but you cannot stop running. To do so would mean …


Share your creative story start. Don’t forget to use those strong character goals we learned about Monday.

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