The Christmas Husband

by Lucette Nel

It’s November, which means my Christmas binge of novellas has begun. First up on my TBR pile was this newest release from Lucette Nel. The Christmas Husband is my favorite of her stories so far. For one, Benedict (the hero) is a Brit, and who doesn’t love a swoony Brit? 😉 Bless his soul, this poor man stumbles into a mess and does the merciful thing, even though it is a detriment to him. Naomi is a mother just trying to do the best she can for her daughter. Who knew that one little lie to appease her daughter would end so disastrously?

I adore the interactions between Benedict, Naomi, and Elise. This twist on a marriage of convenience story will have you chuckling, swooning, and hoping for love as you speed through the pages while trying to savor every interaction.

I recommend this story to fans of marriage-of-convenience, misunderstandings, sweet romance, and ready-made families. This story will leave you with all sorts of warm fuzzies and happy sighs.

Genre: Historical Romance, Texas, 1885

Plot Overview:

It was one little lie told only to protect impoverished Naomi Stuart and her daughter. But when Benedict Ramsay — a man she met fleetingly years before who should be in England — arrives in town, all she’d carefully constructed threatens to crumble.

Benedict arrives a stranger in Noelle, hoping to confront the father who’d abandoned him. What he did not expect was to discover he was a married man … to a woman he didn’t even remember meeting. And against his will, Benedict warms to the idea of a ready-made family.

What I loved: This is an adorable story. I loved all the feels it gave me, but I especially loved the dynamics between Naomi, Elise, and Benedict. That man was my poor bumbling hero.

Favorite Character and Why: I struggle between Benedict and Elise. Elise is just so innocent and sweet, but Benedict is just as adorable with his sweet, bumbling ways. I will be reading him over and over again.

Rating and Why: Five Stars. This was one of those quick, feel-good stories that leave you on cloud nine. I will be rereading this one every Christmas.

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