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Click the following links to find resources. Read below to know you are not alone in this heart-wrenching, sweat-inducing, self-doubting journey to answer the “Write Call.”

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Answering the Write Call

A voice whispers to your heart, “It is time.” Dread fills your entire being. You are not ready. There is too much you do not yet know. Failure is certain. Your excuses go unheeded and the whisper grows in volume and intensity.


A harrowing journey awaits you, but you do not know the way. Mountains demand to be climbed, yet you have too few tools. Monsters lurk nearby intent on hampering your every attempt. Many have attempted before you. Many have succeeded, but many more have not.


The call to action has been given. It tugs at your every move. It cuts into every thought. The time to choose has come.


Are you willing to face your own demons? Are you willing to draw your sword, to be the hero of your own story? Are you brave enough to answer the call?


Unite with me. Heroes rarely succeed on their quest without the guidance of mentors and other journeymen. Together we can become conquering heroes, journeying from closet writer to published author.

Along the way we will discover guiding tips, helpful resources, and other journeymen. We will brandish our swords and attack writing prompts.

God has called us. His love leads us. It is time to answer the call and write for His glory.


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