I recently read an autobiography for a former counterfeiter from the American Revolution era. This man was a master prankster. I would never have the gumption to do what he did but I can certainly appreciate his creativity. In fact, you can too when you read my favorite prank excerpt in tomorrow’s Throw Back Thursday post.


Today’s Writing Prompt Wednesday is a little bit more open ended than usual. I have three options for you to share today:


  1. Write about the greatest prank you have ever seen.
  2. Write about the greatest prank you have ever performed.
  3. Write about a prank you just completely made up.


Need some inspiration? Check out some of my favorite Youtube video pranks:

Waterbed Prank

An Hour of the Best Pranks


Go crazy! Have fun! Because in this Writing Prompt Wednesdays, you won’t have to actually suffer the consequences.


Happy pranking!


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