While I have nothing published yet, I do have two stories completed–both in the same series. Titles of course are likely to change, but this is a great way to get an idea of what I write.

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I’m represented by Tamela Hancock Murray at the Steve Laube Agency.


Book Series

Counterfeit Truth — Novella Prequel


Uncovering the truth comes at a price.


Philadelphia, 1883: “Truth at all cost” drives Reporter Felicity Richmond to expose corruption within the Secret Service. However, when her attempts land her in the path of a dangerous criminal, Secret Service Operative Hayden is assigned to protect her. It’s the perfect opportunity to get her story…as long as her heart doesn’t get in the way.


Counterfeit Love — Book One


In a world of counterfeits, who can they trust?


Cincinnati, 1884: Raised more as a soldier than a proper Victorian lady, orphan Kessara Plane is determined to save her grandfather from treacherous creditors, but he harbors a secret that threatens their future. When he is murdered, his betrayal leaves her to fight for her home and face anonymous threats to her life alone.

No counterfeiter is safe from Secret Service operative Broderick Cosgrove’s perfect arrest record, even the elusive leaders hiding in Cincinnati. After months of undercover work, he’s on the verge of arresting the counterfeiting gang…until he discovers his former fiancée, Kessara, is entangled in their schemes. Protecting her and proving her innocence will risk his career and his cover, but he cannot fail her again.

As complications drive them deeper into danger, betrayal threatens their survival and tests the limits of their faith and hearts.


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