Meet Recorder from Cathy McCrumb’s Sci-fi series

Meet Recorder from Cathy McCrumb’s Sci-fi series

Every now and again, I get into a Sci-fi kick. After all, my family devoured shows and movies like Stargate, Startrek, Star Wars, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Today, I get to introduce you to a character from a Sci-Fi series on my TBR pile. Unfortunately, their name is a bit elusive. But I’ll let THEM explain that. Before I introduce them, allow me to introduce you to the first book in the series, The Recorder.

Recorder by Cathy McCrumb

The Consortium is All. But Recorder Can No Longer Obey.

The Recorder has no family, no friends, and no name. Donated to the Consortium before birth, her sole purpose is to maintain and verify the records. A neural implant and drone ensure compliance, punishing displays of bias.

Suddenly cut off from controlling technology, the Recorder tastes what it means to be human. But if the Consortium discovers her feelings, everyone she knows will be in danger.

With no name, no resources, and only an infinitesimal possibility of escape, the Recorder’s time is running out.

Series Purchase Links: Amazon *The Recorder and Aberraion are on sale now.

Now for our interview with The Recoder.

CC: Yours is a unique story. Would you mind to introduce yourself so that I don’t steal your thunder?

TR: I do not have a name. No member of the Consortium has one, for to have a name would be a violation of the AAVA codes. All my life, my priority has been to maintain an unbiased attitude so I may best serve the system’s citizens. This is my record, an account of what happened on my disastrous first assignment. I have already acted in violation of my training. Glimpses of a freedom I will never have call to a part of me I did not know–

No. This is not entirely true. I did know, but I dared not acknowledge it.

Perhaps a name would be beneficial, after all.

CC: Names are definitely beneficial. So for the sake of this interview, we’ll just call you TR–The Recorder. 

So, TR, how do you think others view you?

TR: Citizens are uncomfortable with Recorders. I have learned that they trust neither our drones nor our constant documentation, even though all our efforts are done on their behalf. They do not see us as individuals, and there are times I doubt they perceive us as human.

We are, though. We are as human as they, though if we dare dream, we must bury that dream deep within, lest it prove our undoing.

CC: That is extremely ominous and very disconcerting. Do you have a dream that you keep close to your chest?

TR: A friend. Since I was young, this has been my deepest, most secret dream, but to strive for it would condemn me and whomever I befriended.

CC: What a horrible, lonely life. I imagine you deal with many unpleasant people. Who is your least favorite person to contend with?

TR: I do not like Captain North, whose rude and confrontational behavior extends past members of the Consortium to citizens. His discourtesy has been documented. Although I kept any personal bias out of my recording, I will confess that obtaining proof of his prejudicial statements, which will be submitted to the authorities, gave me a degree of personal satisfaction.

CC: Oh the joy we get in seeing justice served. Do you have a favorite person?

TR: Though it is a great betrayal of Consortium training, I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time thinking of Nathaniel Timmons. It is he who picked me up and carried me from disaster, and he remained by my side when I was ensconced in the medical tank. His kindness… it is a gift, though why his perfect eyebrows occupy my mind, I cannot say.

CC: You cannot can you? Hmmm. Interesting. Since you said there are other Recorders, do you enjoy family gatherings? Is it even a family?

TR: Like all members of the Consortium, I was gifted to serve before my birth. I have no family other than the others in my cohort, the novices, and the Elders. The Eldest is the parent over us all.

I have wondered about my mother. Why did she make the choice to gift me, and did she ever regret it? What she was like? Were her eyes brown like mine? Did she, too, long to see a sky unbound by rivets?

Even so, I will not search for her when I have the opportunity. To do so would betray her choice, and I will not be guilty of such disrespect. She made her decision, and I must live with it.

CC: Wow. That must be a hard decision to respect. With such a hard life, I wonder, if you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

TR: Freedom. To be able to love and be loved without fear of penalty or consequence, to have friends, a family, a name? Are these not the grandest of aspirations? And beyond that, to have a certain, fixed knowledge of worth and to know I am not alone.

CC: Oh, Recorder, my heart breaks for you. If there is one thing you could tell my readers, what would it be?

TR: I have thought long about this. Dr. Maxwell, the ship’s physician, told me that whether we are stardust or creation, we are unique. I can hear his deep voice rumble even now: “You are the only one of you in all of space and time.”

In all of space and time… Only one. Singular, unique, precious.

Even me. Even you.

CC: Such a powerful message. And a powerful series.

Readers, this series is truly unique, and I admit to having read ahead to the blurbs of the other books. (I’m sneaking a peek for you down below too.) Believe me, this is one series you don’t want to miss. 


About Cathy McCrumb:

Cathy McCrumb graduated from Biola University with a degree in English Literature and a love for stories. She and her husband, whom she met while writing letters to soldiers, have five children. They currently live in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains.

She enjoys long hikes (followed by long naps), gluten-free brownies, raspberries, and crocheting while watching science fiction, mystery, or fantasy movies with friends and family.

Most of her imaginary friends are nice people.

Connect with Cathy: Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Abberation by Cathy McCrumb

Freedom Awaits, but the Consortium is Watching

When rogue drones threaten citizens and the ship’s crew falls ill, the Recorder answers their call for help, once again drawing scrutiny from the Consortium.

With no other option and under an Elder’s overbearing watch, she returns to Pallas Station where she nearly lost her life in the hope of finding something—anything—to save her friends and countless others. Her friends are determined to keep her safe, but for the Recorder, saving others comes first, no matter the cost.


Guardian by Cathy McCrumb

The Recorder’s fate has been sealed, but the Consortium is not the only enemy.

Labeled an aberration by the Consortium, the Recorder is not yet free. Time is running out as an engineered bioweapon wreaks havoc on friend and foe alike.

Stopping both the biological agent and the people who created it is no easy task, especially since the Recorder and her friends are trapped on a research station infested with behemoth insects. Without Consortium technology, the probability of neutralizing the threat falls to nothing. In order to save her allies, the Recorder must activate a drone, but her success might destroy any hope for freedom, a future, and a name.

Meet Micah Bender from Crime Scene Witness by Dana R. Lynn

Meet Micah Bender from Crime Scene Witness by Dana R. Lynn

I’ve enjoyed several Love Inspired Suspense authors over the years (I’ve really only read a handful), but I’ve yet to read Dana’s books. That’s why I’m so excited to get to meet Micah Bender from Crime Scene Witness. Join me in finding out who he is, what the story is about, and what danger lurks in the shadows. First, about the story:

Crime Scene Witness by Dana R. Lynn

Finding a safe haven

is the only way to stay alive

When crime scene cleaner Lissa Page discovers a clue at a murder site, she’s attacked and becomes the killer’s new target. Now Deputy US Marshal Micah Bender must protect the single mother from becoming another victim. But with threats coming from every direction, Micah needs to hide Lissa—and the Amish community he left behind might be the answer to keeping his witness safe.

Purchase Links: Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble

Now for our interview with Micah.

CC: Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

MB: Good morning. My name is Micah. I’m the hero of this story, though sometimes I don’t feel too hero-like, and that’s the truth. I was Amish once, a long time ago, but I’m a Deputy US Marshal now. I don’t have time for romance or any of that emotional baggage. Only, I’m protecting this woman, Lissa, and her little girl. Cutest kid I ever saw. Lissa’s getting under my skin, too. But I know it can’t go anywhere. Being a marshal is my life. Protecting people. And trying to forgive myself for past failures.

CC: That is a hard place to be when a good woman walks into your life. So is that your biggest fear–falling in love?

MB: What I dread is the thought of someone I love paying for my mistakes. Twice in my life, I’ve failed to protect someone close to me. One of them died. The other was lost for more than 20 years. I figure if I keep my focus 100 percent on my job and don’t let myself get too close, I’ll see the danger before it strikes. And no one will suffer because of my failure.

CC: Oh honey, you can’t hold onto guilt like that. But I suppose that is something you are going to have to learn on your own. Who is your favorite person to deal with during the course of Crime Scene Witness?

MB: Little Shelby is a hoot. She’s about as adorable as a kid can get. And sassy. Like her mama. Except I’m keeping my distance from her mother. But Shelby? She sent me one smile, and I couldn’t resist her. If I were ever to have a daughter, well, no. That’s never going to happen. Forget I said anything.

CC: Kids do have a knack for worming their way into our hearts. So you’ve told us a little bit about Shelby, but what we all really want to know is who is this Lissa, and how would you describe her?

MB: Alyssa Page. Everyone calls her Lissa. She’s sweet and sassy. And brave. I know she’s scared. After all, she’s witnessed her best friend’s murder scene, has lost most of her family, and has sacrificed so much to be a good mother. On top of that, someone is out to kill her. But she’s not letting it break her spirit. I can’t help but admire her grit.

CC: She does sound like a special woman. You mentioned she’s lost most of her family, but what about you and your family? Do you enjoy family gatherings?

MB: This is complicated. Yeah, I enjoy family gatherings. I still feel awkward being a deputy marshal in an Amish home, but my parents never say anything to make me feel that way. They are just tickled to have me back in their lives. And the food! No one cooks like my Mamm. She’s amazing. I’m getting hungry thinking about it. Of course, there is still some sorrow. No one has seen my brother Isaiah in more than fifteen years. I keep praying. I know the others do, too. My parents don’t talk about him. It’s too painful.

CC: That is really hard to cope with. I suspect I know your answer to my next question. If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

MB: It would be a tie. If I weren’t so broken, my first wish would be that I could allow myself to fall for someone like Lissa and have a family of my own. Of course, that’s not something I see happening anytime soon. My second wish would be to see my brother Isaiah again. Man, I miss him so much. I can’t even talk about him, the pain is too raw, even after all this time. We were close once.

CC: Broken family relationships can be so incredibly hard. I look forward to reading the story to find out if you get any closure and if maybe a family is in store for your future.

Readers, if you like quick and suspenseful reads, then you need to check out Crime Scene Witness, now available online and sometimes at Walmart.

About Dana R. Lynn:

Dana R. Lynn is a USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author who believes in the power of God to touch people through stories. She met her husband at a wedding in Pennsylvania and told her parents she had met her future husband. Nineteen months later, they were married. Today, they live in rural Pennsylvania and are entering the world of empty nesters. She is a teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing by day and writes stories of romance and danger at night. Dana is an avid reader, loves cats and thinks chocolate should be a food group. Readers can contact her or sign up to receive her monthly newsletter at

Connect with Dana: Website  |  Newsletter  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  BookBub

Readers, what Love Inspired stories have you read before?


Meet Teagan Wright from The Visitor Plays a Game by Shawna Robison Young

Meet Teagan Wright from The Visitor Plays a Game by Shawna Robison Young

I’ve known Shawna for a long time. She ‘s a sweet woman with a heart for her family and for the preschool kids she teaches. Her first book, The Unsuspecting Heather Meyers was a story close to her heart, and it was a joy to see her launch that into the world. I’m excited to be able to share with you her newest release and first foray into the cozy mystery world with The Visitor Plays a Game. Before I introduce you to her heroine, Teagen, allow me to introduce you to the story.

The Visitor Plays a Game by Shawna Robison Young

How do a Yellow Mustang, a missing Dog, and a game of Clue add up to murder? Connie B. Wright must unravel the mystery. Teagan Wright is determined to impress Aunt Connie. Her fondest hope is to work with her for the Wright Foundation, and organizing a small part of this elaborate fundraiser is a great opportunity to show what she can do. But when her best friend is the victim of a hit and run and her least favorite person winds up missing, Teagan becomes more focused on proving that isn’t the one to blame. Then there’s the body she finds . . .

Purchase Links: Amazon

Now for our interview with Teagan.

CC: I’m so excited to get to introduce you to my readers, Teagan. Would you mind telling them a little bit about yourself?

TW: Hello, my name is Teagan Wright. As the daughter of a police officer, it’s no surprise I love the game of Clue and a good mystery. I’m a senior in high school and just got accepted to the University of Chicago. Go Maroons! I plan to follow in my Aunt Connie’s footsteps by pursuing a degree in business and then hopefully work for her at our family’s foundation someday. Like Mary Poppins, my aunt is practically perfect in every way. I was hoping to impress her and prove myself when she came in town for the fundraiser I helped put together for a local organization that provides sports training by top athletes to underprivileged youth. But now that I’m the number one suspect in a hit and run, I have found myself in the middle of a real-life game of Clue and must prove my innocence to not only the police but my little town and my beloved Aunt Connie.

CC: That is a tough place to be at any age, especially as a high school senior. What is your biggest struggle or fear?

TW: My biggest fear is that something bad is going to happen to the people I love. My mom died when I was ten years old. My dad is a police officer, so his life is on the line every day. I’m really proud of him, but I’m scared every time he leaves for work.

CC: That is really hard. And now you’re under investigation for a hit and run. What a way for all those fears to run together. Do you have a dream that you keep close to your chest that you can share with us?

TW:I really want to work for my family’s foundation someday. My aunt Connie runs the organization, and she is amazing. I want to be just like her. She’s smart, perfect, kind, and tough. And she often finds herself caught up looking into the mystery of the town she’s currently visiting. She’s so cool. But what’s not cool is this time, the crime my aunt has found herself trying to solve involves me as a suspect.

CC: Who is your least favorite person to deal with? 

TW: Oh my goodness, hands down Lacey Brown. She’s a bully and is dating my best friend, Ty. I don’t know what he sees in her. Oh, and Mr. Lewis next door. He isn’t the nicest man. You hear the stories about the old man who yells from his porch for children to stay off his lawn? Yep, that’s Mr. Lewis.

CC: Grumpy neighbors can definitely pose a challenge, and so can the mean girlfriend of your best friend. So let’s flip the question, who is your favorite person to deal with?

TW: Ryan Dodger. *BLUSHING* We’ve been friends since elementary school, but in the last six months, I’ve started to see him as more. Strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, gorgeous, but more than that he is incredibly kind, the basketball team captain, class president, and all-around great guy.

CC: Awww. Crushes can be so sweet. What is one of your happiest memories?

TW: My happiest memories are the times my mom and I would sit at the table drawing together with the beautiful gel pens set she’d given me before she passed away. She was an incredible artist and made me the most beautiful pictures.

CC: Such a beautiful but bittersweet memory. It must have been really hard to have lost her. Do you have a relationship with God or has that experience pushed you away? 

TW: God is a big part of my life. I know who I am and whose I am. When people in my past tried to knock me down, I stood my ground and remained true to me. I know that’s because I’m confident in who I am in Christ.

CC: Such a powerful truth! And I’m so glad you have that confidence already in your life. If there is one thing you could tell the reader, what would it be?

TW: Even the most vile people are capable of redemption. Jesus died for all of us. Sometimes Satan gets a hold of our hearts, and he finds a way of twisting our hurts until we break and change. Look for the hurting and stop Satan from winning. Pray and be there for them. And even when it’s hard, accept their apologies to heal both your hearts.

CC: Such wisdom from a young woman. May we all learn to pray and be there for the people we struggle with. 

Friends, if you enjoy quick, fun, and mysterious reads, you’re going to want to check out The Visitor Plays a Game. You won’t regret it. 


About Shawna Robison Young:

Shawna Robison Young is a contemporary fiction author who enjoys writing a little bit of the unexpected. Why be normal? In a world of conformity, a touch of something out of the ordinary can make a work of art astonishing.

Shawna loves all things chocolate, especially a warm cup of hot chocolate and sea salt caramel truffles. She is the mother of four, a preschool owner and teacher, a former children’s minister, and the wife of a Navy veteran. Whether it’s singing the ABCs, sharing what she’s learned with new writers, or passing along Bible truths to her children’s ministry classes, she’s a teacher at heart.

Connect with Shawna: Website  |  Pinterest  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  GoodReads

Readers, what cozy mysteries have you read before?


Giveaway & Meet Lillian Doyle from The Swindler’s Daughter by Stephenia H. McGee

Giveaway & Meet Lillian Doyle from The Swindler’s Daughter by Stephenia H. McGee

Hi all! Stephenia has blessed us today with a character interview AND a chance to win a print copy of The Swindler’s Daughter. To be entered for your chance to win, check out the bottom of the post. But first, the interview!

I first met/read one of Stephenia’s books when I was very early on my writing journey. It’s been fun watching her writing career evolve over the years. I’m really excited about her newest release, The Swindler’s Daughter, and today I am excited to introduce you to the heroine, Lillian Doyle. First, let me introduce you to the story.

The Swindler’s Daughter by Stephenia H. McGee

A surprise inheritance. A cache of family secrets. A choice that will change her life forever.

Lillian Doyle has lived her entire high-society life with her widowed mother, believing her father died long ago. But when news arrives that her estranged father only recently passed away–in jail–Lillian is startled to find that the man has left a business and all of his possessions to her, making her a rather unusual heiress.

When she goes to take possession of her father’s house in a backwoods Georgia town, the dilapidated structure is already occupied by another woman who claims it was promised to her son, Jonah. In her attempts to untangle the mess, Lillian will discover not only a family she never knew she had but a family business that is more than meets the eye–and has put a target on her back.

To discover the truth and take hold of the independence she’s always dreamed of, she’ll have to make friends with adversaries and strangers–especially Jonah, the dusty and unrefined cowboy who has secret aspirations of his own.

Purchase Links: Amazon  |  Baker Book House  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Christianbook

Now for our interview with Lillian.

CC: I’m so excited to get to introduce you to my readers, Lillian. Would you mind telling them a little bit about yourself?

LD: Hello, everyone! My name is Lillian, and I am the reluctant heroine of this story. You see, I always believed my mother to be a widow and my father long dead. Turns out that isn’t quite the case.

CC: That is a pretty shocking discovery! And definitely very troubling. What else can you tell us about your story?

LD: I’ve lived my entire life with a mother who wants nothing more than to achieve high-society status. Up until a few days ago, I thought my father had died a long time ago. But then news arrived that my estranged father only recently passed away—in jail. He left a business and all of his possessions to me, but…well, he’s made me a rather unusual heiress.

Then on top of all of that, when I went to take possession of my father’s house in a backwoods Georgia town, the dilapidated structure was already occupied by another woman who claims it was promised to her son! It’s quite the mess.

CC: Yikes! How has this revelation affected you? 

LD: It’s caused quite the topsy-turvy in my life, let me tell you. Mother and I already had a strain on our relationship—what with her wanting to marry me off to the highest bidder and all—and the revelation of my new inheritance hasn’t helped matters.

CC: Now that you are an heiress, will your plans change?

LD: Everything has changed. My father left me little more than a mystery and house without answers. There’s a lot I need to do to settle the estate—a challenge that has become even more difficult since there are other people trying to lay claim to my father’s home. Jonah insists that the house should go to his family, but my father’s will left it to me.

CC: Who is Jonah?

LD: He is the stubborn cowboy who has apparently taken it upon himself to make everything more difficult for me. It seems my father’s family prematurely gave the house to Jonah’s mother, and Jonah is determined to make sure his mother and sisters aren’t tossed out. As if I would do such a thing!

CC: So what are you going to do now?

LD: To discover the truth and take hold of the independence I’ve secretly always dreamed of, I’ll have to figure out the truth about what my father left behind. It’s a mess for certain, but there has to be something good at the end of this tangle of secrets. Right?

CC: We certainly hope so! Thank you for letting us get to know you a little better. One final question to leave our readers with. If there was one thing you could tell someone reading your story, what would it be?

LD: Don’t be afraid to reach for your dreams. The best things in life often come on the other side of difficulty. It might be hard to face your calling or take a leap of faith, but it’s a risk worth taking!

That is a hard but good lesson that takes a lot of bravery. Readers, don’t miss your chance to read Lillian’s story and figure out all the mystery behind her inheritance.

About Stephenia McGee:

Stephenia H. McGee is a multi-published author of stories of faith, hope, and healing set in the Deep South. She lives in Mississippi, where she is a mom of two rambunctious boys, writer, dreamer, and husband spoiler. Her novel The Cedar Key was a 2021 Faith, Hope, and Love Readers’ Choice award winner. A member of the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), she loves all things books and history. Stephenia also loves connecting with readers and can often be found having fun with her Faithful Readers Team on Facebook. For more on books and upcoming events and to connect with Stephenia, visit her at

Connect with Stephenia: Website  |  Stephenia’s Shop  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  BookBub  |  GoodReads


Stephenia is giving away a copy of The Secrets of Emberwild to one commenter on this blog post. If you could inherit anything, what would you want to inherit?

*US residents only

**Extra entries are available below, but those who do not comment on the blog will be disqualified


Meet Luke Gallagher from Beyond Wounded Hearts by Cynthia Roemer

Meet Luke Gallagher from Beyond Wounded Hearts by Cynthia Roemer

Hi all! It is a blessing to bring Cynthia Roemer back today to introduce to you her hero of Beyond Wounded Hearts, Luke Gallagher. I’ve known Cynthia for a long time now, and it has been a blessing to watch her walk through writing and a continuing cancer journey. She is a woman who always glorifies and points back to God. I highly recommend all of her books (which you can check out through the link in her bio at the end) and pray you will get to be an encouragement to her. (Prayers for her cancer journey are always welcomed too!).

So before I introduce you to Luke, let me introduce you to Beyond Wounded Hearts.

Beyond Wounded Hearts by Cynthia Roemer

They were North and South ~ Faithful and Faithless

After suffering disabling burns during the fall of Richmond, Adelaide Hanover awakens in a hospital alone and destitute, escalating her already stanch hatred for Yankees. When the Union soldier who freed her from the rubble begins paying her visits, she wants nothing to do with him … or his faith. Yet, his persistent kindness penetrates her resolve and forges a much-needed friendship. But after a dangerous man threatens Addie, she flees Richmond, intent on solving the mystery to her aunt’s dying wish before he does. Haunted by a tragic failure in his past, Corporal Luke Gallagher takes Adelaide’s plight on as his own. Though his strong beliefs collide with his growing feelings for her, he offers his family’s home as a place to convalesce. Adelaide’s initial rejection, followed by her sudden willingness to accept his benevolence, hints there’s more to the decision than a mere change of heart. When trouble follows her, endangering her safety, as well as his family’s, Luke must lay his life and his convictions on the line to save them.

Purchase Links: Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Books-a-Million

Now for our interview with Luke.

CC: I’m so excited to get to introduce you to my readers, Luke. Would you mind telling them a little bit about yourself?

LG: Hi. I’m Luke Gallagher. I’m what Cynthia Roemer calls “the hero”, though it’s hard for me to consider myself a hero. I’m more a simple man of faith who makes his living from the soil. Right now, though, I’m a Union soldier just itching to get home.

CC: I find it’s the everyday man who is my favorite hero. So let’s start with diving deep. Don’t hate me, but . . . What is your biggest struggle? Your biggest fear?

LG: Whoa. I’d have to say my biggest struggle is dealing with guilt. When I was younger, I had this friend named Jacob, you see. We were best buds from the time we could romp together in the woods or pull girl’s pigtails at school. We shared everything. Everything but faith.

When I was eleven, I became a Christian. I took seriously my relationship with the Lord. But somehow, I never got around to sharing that with Jacob. He came from a different sort of family than me–one on the wilder side. I figured he’d laugh at me, so I kept my faith to myself.

Then one day, when we were thirteen, Jacob had this crazy notion of building a raft and floating it down the river. I wasn’t keen on the idea. Especially since the river was running high from recent rains. But I went along with the idea. Once we had the raft built, we shoved it in, poles in hand. We figured we could stick close to the banks and dock a mile or two downstream. What we didn’t know was just how strong the current was.

The raft wasn’t strong enough to withstand the push of the river. It busted into pieces within a few hundred feet of where we’d shoved off. I found a branch to grab onto, but Jacob was swept further downstream. Him being a poor swimmer, he was sucked under and drown.

I shouldered the guilt of his passing for years to come. But mostly, I blamed myself for his soul being lost. I should have shared my faith with him when I had the chance. So I guess my biggest fear became thinking God wouldn’t accept me because I’d failed to do His bidding.

CC: Yikes! That is a heavy burden to bear. So what did you do? How did your feelings of guilt and fear impact your life?

LG: At first, I bottled those feelings inside. But, the older I got, I figured if I was ever going to be able to look Jesus in the eye when my day came, I’d better start sharing my faith to make up for my mistake. So I started being intentional about telling others about Jesus. When I joined the Union army, I even gave my sergeant a few not so gentle nudges. And eventually a wayward Confederate soldier. But Adelaide Hanover was my biggest challenge. She held such bitterness in her heart toward God, blamed him for all her struggles. I sent up a lot of prayers on her behalf.

It took my mother’s wisdom to finally bring me to my senses and help me realize I could never work my way into God’s good graces. Jesus paid the price for my sins. There is nothing I could ever do to earn a place in Heaven by my own merits.

CC: That’s a lesson we all can learn from. Tell me more about Adelaide Hanover. Who is she? Why was she so bitter toward God?

LG: I met Adelaide while in Richmond during the Union takeover. My men and I discovered her buried beneath the rubble of a burned building. She was alive, but barely. I carried her to the closest hospital, fearing the worst. Her arms and hands were badly burned. But I was soon to learn her heart was even more scarred.

She’d been through a lot–the loss of her father and brothers, her home, and now her injuries. When I dropped by to see her, I didn’t expect a warm reception, but I was a bit taken aback by her obvious resentment. I figured her being a Southern gal, she wouldn’t take to a Yankee, but I hadn’t figured on her being so opposed to my faith. At one point, she ordered me to leave and never return. I lost sleep over that encounter. By my third or fourth visit, I’d become pretty attached to her. And I didn’t want another person I cared about to suffer Jacob’s fate.

CC: I’m guessing Adelaide softened at some point. What turned things around?

LG: I’m not rightly sure, other than God must have answered my prayers. One day she just welcomed me back. She still got her dander up when I mentioned God, and her intolerance for Yankees hadn’t changed much, but she seemed to soften a bit toward me. Maybe out of pure lonesomeness. She was pretty alone. I think she sort of missed my company.

But that didn’t make her more apt to go along with my offer to help her convalesce. (chuckle) She must have thought me loony to make such a suggestion. In fact, I sort of thought so myself.

CC: Oh? What did you propose?

LG: The hospital she was at was closing, and she had no one to tend to her care, so I suggested she go stay with my mother and sister in New York. That idea went over like a lead balloon. She wanted no part in staying under a Yankee roof.

But, once again, I credit the Lord for softening her heart. Well, there was also this fellow named Simon that kept threatening her. He might have had a hand in her change of mind. Anyhow, she went, and God used that time with my family to speak godly truths into her heart. By the time I returned home from the war, she’d lost her hardened shell. But her troubles weren’t over, and neither were mine.

CC: Hmm. Well, now. That opens a whole new can of worms, so to speak. Shall we leave that for readers to discover on their own by reading your story?

LG: Definitely. All I’ll say is the Lord indeed works in mysterious ways. I never would have dreamed what He had in store.

So readers, I encourage you to go and pick up Beyond Wounded Hearts by Cynthia Roemer. You won’t regret it. In the comments, leave some encouragement for Cynthia so that we can bless her as much as she has been a blessing to me. 

About Cynthia Roemer

Cynthia Roemer is an inspirational, award-winning author with a heart for scattering seeds of hope into the hearts of readers. Cynthia enjoys spinning tales set in the backdrop of the mid-1800’s prairie and Civil War era. It’s her prayer that her stories will both entertain and encourage readers in their faith. She resides with her husband on their family farm in central Illinois. They have two grown sons, a daughter-in-law, and one spoiled cat. Visit Cynthia online at:

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