A Lady’s Heart of Gold

by Sally Britton


This was the last book in the Hearts of Arizona series, and it was a wonderful wrap-up to the series with a depth that touched on historical hardships that many would like to forget or ignore. The author’s note in the back almost broke my heart when she said while she enjoyed writing the series, the hardships of the ethnically non-white people groups (Native Americans, Spanish, Blacks etc) were extremely hard on her to research, and so she was returning to her Regency romances to stay. Not that I don’t love her Regencies, but I felt the way she handled a lot of the injustices was beautifully done and brought new understanding and perspective to something I thought I was already very familiar with, considering my own family background in the Native American realm. The romance was sweet, the depth of characters greatly appreciated, and the view into previous books’ characters’ lives a joy.

I recommend this book to those who love ranch love stories, female reporters, historical details that are accurate and moving, well-developed characters, and romances that are solidly built without being gag-worthy. 🙂 If you know me, I am not a gag-me-with-a-spoon romance girl. 😉

Genre: Historical Romance, Western


When a determined English newspaper woman arrives in the Arizona desert, she expects to find the lawless and the illiterate. Instead, she meets a well-spoken and handsome cowboy who’s ready to prove to her there’s more to the Territory than cattle and cacti.

English newspaper reporter Molly McKinney is determined to make a name for herself by writing about the wilds of the American West. After convincing her editor to take a chance on her idea, Molly travels to the United States looking for tales that will transport and inspire her readers. When she meets a quiet cowboy in the middle of Arizona Territory, she can sense that his story might be the most important of all—if only he’ll open up enough to tell it.

Eduardo “Ed” Byrd has worked at the KB Ranch for five years, making an honest living and trying to ignore his past. He’s one-quarter Cherokee, three-quarters Mexican-American, and entirely his own person. Light-hearted and hard-working, Ed keeps to himself and reserves his dreams for the privacy of his notebooks. When one meeting with the tenacious English woman rattles his mind and heart, Ed can’t help but wonder if he’s been playing things safe for too long.

A reporter’s natural curiosity spurs Molly to make her way to the ranch where Ed works, and she’s determined to find out what the cowboy is hiding beneath his gentle smiles. There’s more to Ed than he lets on, and when Molly starts to unravel his past, he realizes their story might only have a happy ending if he’s willing to risk more than just his heart.

Author Website: https://www.authorsallybritton.com/

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What is the most recent book you’ve read? What did you like about it? Who would you recommend it to?

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