by Rhonda Ortiz


*This is a series that should be read in order. Check out In Pieces before reading Adrift

Full of espionage, political, and social intrigue with historically accurate details, Adrift is the exciting sequel in a series sure to have you looking at American history with fresh eyes and interest. Ortiz delves into the race, social, religious, and mental health struggles of the time with a deft hand that leaves you aching for better for the characters but in awe of their struggle to rise above, all while serving their country. It is a must-read for fans of historical novels.

(I also read this book for endorsement for full disclosure purposes.)

Genre: Historical Romance, Post American Revolution


“Everything about your life is my concern, Mr. Robb, including your betrothed.”

Boston, 1793—Now engaged, Molly Chase and new federal intelligencer Josiah Robb want nothing more than to settle into quiet married life—or as quiet as life can be when one is hunting down a ring of traitors among Boston’s elite. But the plan has one glaring flaw: Molly herself, and the madness that has plagued her since her father’s death. Until Molly proves herself an asset rather than a liability, Josiah’s investigation cannot move forward.

Intelligencer Eliza Hall thought she had left her troubles behind in Philadelphia long ago. When she is sent back to follow a suspect, she’s ready to acknowledge the truth and make her peace—except that the man she loves, who doesn’t know about her past, is assigned to come with her. Now she must outwit her fellow spy and closest friend, lest he hate her for what she had been, while they maneuver to prevent Revolutionary France from dragging the fledgling United States into a war it cannot afford.

Both women are in search of a safe harbor. Little do they expect the winds to blow them into the most tumultuous waters of all—back home.

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