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A Match of Sorts by Lucette Nel


Christmas is a time of year when I love to grab quick, sweet reads. There isn’t a whole lot of time to indulge in more than an hour or two of reading and A Match of Sorts satisfied my need to read in a short amount of free time. 


Reverend Caleb Brennan isn’t exactly your typical pastor. He does have a caring heart and a sweet way about him, but he isn’t a Bible thumper or a force scripture down your throat kind of man. He was human with downfalls and “normal” people struggles. When the impending visit from his father-in-law threatens to take his girls from him, Caleb is willing to do whatever it takes-including marrying a mail-order-bride. But it will be a marriage in name only. 

His love for his children and his sacrificial heart in caring for an injured “boy” in the snow reels you in from the beginning.


Grace is a woman who has been on her own for far too long. Living a lonely, dangerous life catches up with her in a way that leaves her at the mercy of Reverend Brennan. Penniless, defenseless, and needing time to recover, she accepts the hairbrained idea of posing as his mail-order-bride.


The antics and hilarious situations that occur from the moment Caleb discovers the boy in the snow drift is really a woman all the way to the end make me laugh out loud. 


I definitely recommend this book for a short evening of curling up by the fire.

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“As Christmas approaches, widowed Reverend Caleb Brennan needs a wife, or his vengeful father-in-law will take his young daughters. When his mail-order bride jilts him, Caleb grows desperate. During a storm, he finds an unconscious boy outside his home with signs of foul play. Despite his previous misfortune, obligation compels Caleb to lug the stranger inside. But as he provides first aid, he discovers more than he expected.Bounty hunter Grace Blackwell refuses to owe a debt to any man, especially one as charming as Reverend Brennan. To repay him for saving her life, Grace agrees to pose as his mail-order bride. If their ploy is discovered, Caleb could lose his daughters. But in their pretense, the reverend and the bounty hunter might just both lose their hearts.”

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Interested in purchasing your own copy? Both of her books are on sale for the entire month of December for $0.99 each.

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A Match of Sorts 

The Widow’s Captive 

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