A Perfect Weakness by Jennifer A. Davids


A Perfect Weakness

By Jennifer A. Davids


Sometimes while in the throes of a terrible family crisis, you just have to escape into the pages of a good book to survive. A Perfect Weakness was the escape I needed during such a time and so much more. It was not only a pleasure to read, but helped me to process what my own family was enduring. I highly recommend this book, especially for those who are scarred by the consequences of their past failures or mistakes. (And if you’re breathing, then that is more likely than not, you.)


Genre: Historical Romance, Victorian England, 1868

Overview of Plot: Penelope Howard has been caring for the tenants of her uncle’s estate for years, but after his passing a new Lord must take his place and could remove her from her position, especially if he, or anyone else, discovers her secret. When she learns the heir is an American doctor, she hopes and prays he will care for the people as much as she and help tend the country hospital.Dr. John Turner served in the War Between the States as a surgeon, but the horrifying memories drove him to the bottle. Continuing to practice medicine while drunk had dire consequences, so when the chance to flee to England arrives, he takes it, vowing to never practice medicine again. But everyone knows he is a doctor and the beautiful and heart-filled sister of his estate agent seems to keep pushing him to help the community with his skills and not just his monetary support. When he is needed most, can he once again take up healing the sick and broken Or will their secrets and weaknesses destroy them and all those around them?


Favorite Character and Why: Penelope is such a strong woman, who had risen above her past mistake and clung to God through it all. I could really connect with her passion for the tenants and helping women who faced similar mistakes and consequences. I also loved how she pushed John Turner to become a better man. What I liked: History… always the history. I love all the details that connected the American Civil War to Victorian England. I also loved the story-line itself. The characters were rich and deep, the problems relatable and real.

Who would like this: Those who love historical fiction, Victorian romance, and stories of redemption, overcoming past mistakes, and love that goes beyond the pain of the past.

*Warning: Penelope’s backstory deals with the difficult loss of a child. It is integral to the development of the story, but I don’t feel it is enough to keep one from reading it. But if you are especially sensitive, you may want to skim through the book first.*


Amazon blurb:

The Civil War left its mark on Dr. John Turner. He turns his back on medicine and sees his unexpected inheritance in England as an opportunity to start over. But he never imagines how God intends to use his new role as lord of Ashford Hall — or the beautiful woman he finds there — to ease his troubled soul.

A tragic loss led Penelope Howard to bury her heart and dreams in her work for the Hall and the village of Woodley. But the arrival of the new heir stirs not only her discarded longings but her compassion as well. What burden does he carry that he can’t accept that grace covers the darkest of sins?

A deadly epidemic sweeps through Woodley revealing secrets which threaten everything. The doctor faces a choice: leave or dare to believe what the Lord whispers through the woman John has come to love.

No one is beyond redemption.


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