Okay, so life has been a little too chaotic to read for leisure. A crime, I know. Well, I have broken free from jail and am reading again, so first up…


Her Dearly Unintended by Regina Jennings icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640 5/5

“1870s Missouri –Heavy rain means trouble for Katie Ellen. With her parents away, she’s left to take care of the mountaintop farm alone until Josiah Huckabee happens to check on her. She used to think him charming–used to–but before she can run Josiah off, a stranger appears. The bridge has washed out, stranding a weathered and threatening man with them. Immediately sensing danger, Josiah steps in and claims the place–and Katie Ellen–as his own. His farm, his wife, and this Silas Ruger character better be respectful. Furious, Katie Ellen is forced to play along. Readers of Regina’s Ozark Mountain Romance series will love seeing favorite characters all grown up.”                                                                             – Blurb from Amazon.com

I loved this story! Regina does a great job of making entertaining and relatable characters. Katie Ellen’s perfectionist tendencies were a source of great enjoyment for me as I see much of myself in her. Well, maybe not the clean house, but the need for perfection in the work I do.

Josiah is a character that grows on me, especially when you find out the reason why the man abandoned their childhood friendship. I won’t spoil anything, but let me tell you it is worth the read.

Regina did a great job of keeping me guessing and giving plot twists I totally did not expect. It was a pure joy to read! I highly recommend buying and reading this novella. Her Dearly Unintended is humor, misunderstandings, and love at its best.


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